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How should DoD policy be influenced by the Fort Hood shootings?

Given the nature of the war on terrorism, more intense scrutiny must be placed upon Muslim members of the U.S. armed forces.
63% (629 votes)
Muslim members of the U.S. armed forces should not be put into positions where they might be asked to deploy into combat against others of the same faith.
4% (36 votes)
Security on U.S. military bases should be re-examined and tightened.
19% (191 votes)
This was an isolated incident and, though tragic, should not lead to sweeping policy changes.
15% (149 votes)
Total votes: 1005


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  1. I'd like to add that if they aren't willing to stand up and fight for our country because of their beliefs, then they shouldn't be allowed to live in America and reap all the benefits they steal from our great country! I'd hate to have to keep looking over my shoulder,also, to see if I'm a target, my fellow soldier!

  2. Regardless of faith, did they not give their oath to defend the US from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? Is it the same oath of allegiance that I said in 1984? If faith is an issue and they can't be trusted to fight for the US, then they should not be able to enlist in the US armed forces! Soldiers need to be able to rely on soldier next to them in matters that are life and death. They shouldn't have to worry about being shot in the back by a soldier in the same uniform!

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