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Should federal law always permit proper U.S. flag display on personal property?

Yes. It’s the symbol of our country, and as citizens we should have the right to display that symbol.
78% (2770 votes)
Yes. Homeowners associations shouldn’t have the right to threaten lawsuits in order to have a flag taken down for aesthetic reasons.
17% (613 votes)
No. States should have the right to make their own laws regarding such a display, without federal involvement.
2% (58 votes)
No. The flag represents freedom, and homeowners associations should have the freedom to choose what they feel are appropriate ways to decorate yards and homes.
4% (133 votes)
Total votes: 3574


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  1. Covenants, codes and restrictions (CC&R) are legal limitations created for planned communities that are enacted as deed restrictions applicable to all properties. CC&R create the homeowners association and provide all the rules, such as the colors you can paint your house or restricting hanging laundry in your yard.

    Federal law would trump the CC&R and should be enacted.

    In an energy starved world we should also be encouraged not prohibited from drying laundry outdoors.

  2. I feel the Homeowners Association should realize the FLAG OF THIS COUNTRY is a sign of their Freedoms. Freedoms we fought and fight for every day. One person said that they should have the right to make it's members not fly flags as it shows the right of makes no sense. If they tell you what to do with your house and yard the people are under a governing type of situation..they are being controlled and not free to make a choice. Held back and NOT able to fly our Flag. 1984 ?

  3. I can site 4 incidents in my hometown, where high schools and even Burger King display the flag at half staff for employees and student who died, and one church who display the flag at half staff, but not the other flag, the church flag. I wrote an article on flag etiquette and some lawyer responded by saying that since the code says you "should" or "should not", it was up to the individual or local government to decide. I said that since our soldiers coming back for oversea don't rate the flag at half staff, why should a Burger King employee. I say change the code, change the word "should for "will".

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