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The U.S. commander in Afghanistan has ordered Baskin Robbins, Orange Julius and Burger Kings on his bases closed. Do you agree?

No, our troops endure enough hardships already, give them a slice of home to remember what they are fighting for.
59% (1898 votes)
No, the individuals who have access to those concessions are support personnel and only aid the war effort; they don’t actually fight it.
3% (87 votes)
Yes, those stores only enforce the belief in some circles that the war is for private companies' profit.
5% (148 votes)
Yes, like Command Sgt. Maj. Michael T. Hall wrote on his blog: “This is a war zone – not an amusement park.”
33% (1057 votes)
Total votes: 3190


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  1. I can't understand this action. It's nonsense. Next, will it be that Oreos, Pepsi, Coke, Snickers, etc. are banned because someone is profiting? Isn't all of the military supplied, equipped, maintained and totally sustained by private enterprise? The military didn't build, grow or make anything and then have it sent to base supply.

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