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Is the U.S. economy truly recovering?

Yes. Corporate earnings, employment and mortgage interests are all starting to head in the right direction.
1% (12 votes)
Yes, but this will be a long, gradual recovery.
13% (152 votes)
No. The federal government has artificially stimulated too much U.S. industry and cannot keep doing it forever.
45% (535 votes)
No. Until unemployment drops below 5 percent, there is no recovery, and that is not likely to happen soon.
41% (480 votes)
Total votes: 1179


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  1. The government is wasting our money and they are not focusing on OUR needs here in the States. All Obama does is he takes 40 days of vacations in just 7 months and his Presidency and has literally wasted our tax dollar on vacations and he done nothing to fix what he said he was going to do when he did speeches to get in office. He should still be impeached being that he IS NOT a TRUE AMERICAN... he doe not even have a citizenship or a birth certificate. Arnold Scwhartzenagger DOES have a citizenship and yet he is not allow to vote... what is up with that? So why can't HE be our next President??????? We The People SHOULD NOT have to pay for a Mosque either. Not when Obama's own people killed oodles of our own People! That is outrages me as a partial Native American! Grrrrrrrrr! (This is Raymond's wife that is the half Native American).

  2. It's ironic that we hear how Obama and the Dems have taken charge of the economy and are leading the way back. The Dems fought Bush when he asked for a few mere millions to get the process started but as soon as they took office, they spend trillions. But that's okay, our children and grandchildren can pay it back (maybe) for us.
    Transparency does not mean standing before the news cameras reading a teleprompter. To get HIS way, Obama appoints czars which require no Congressional review and hands them power to do things again without Congressional oversight. That's not transparent. That's side stepping the process to get your way.
    BOTH parties need to quit playing politics and begin working on getting this country back on course to a productive society. This is not a time for we're right and you're wrong - left or right - liberal or conservative. Forget party lines. It's time to work together, compromise and get things done for the common good.

  3. What is needed for the economic recovery of the United States are jobs. The government cannot create jobs only a tax burden on those who can. Leave the rich alone, it takes money to build factories and to hire people. A poor man with no money cannot hire anyone, the government has no money, only tax dollars, you cannot build up a working system with tax money. You take away the rich man's extra money then he doesn't build factories, you keep dumping regulations on him yet allow china with no regulations to compete with products that the American cannot compete with then you just undermine the whole American economy. It has been done and is being done. It is not just china.

  4. Shortly after taking office, President Obama discussed the recession and its potential recovery. Citing many economists, he said that the first step was to provide a stimulus to get the banking system going again. Along with other factors, he discussed unemployment and how it would be the slowest indicator of the recovery. Obama said that it would take years for the recovery to bring things back to a normal, healthy economy, most likely many more years than would be his presidency. He stated unequivocally that it would be hard, painful, and slow. That it would take sacrifice on everyone's part. A month later the Republicans were demanding "Where's the Change we can all believe in?" The GOP has fought evey initiative put forth by this government and yet, true to his word, Obama continues to make good on his campaign promises. As far as transparency is concerned, Obama has been the most visible president in public, making several media appearances every week. Ron Kriel CAPT USN

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