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Press Releases

11.21Legion remains firm on immigration
11.20Legion: No amnesty for illegal immigrants
11.05Vermont Teddy Bear Launches New Line of Bears to Help American Legion Programs
10.14American Legion Child Welfare Foundation Awards $566,691 in grants
9.25Legion commander: not the time to shortchange DoD
9.04Legion welcomes overdue change to PTSD discharge guidelines
8.28Nebraska Legionnaire elected American Legion National Commander
8.28Home Depot dedicates $1 million for Legion grants
8.28Shaffer receives National Firefighter of the Year
8.28Aninsman receives Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award
8.27Sanders, Miller receive Legion’s Patriot Award
8.26McDonald: ‘This is a critical moment for VA’
8.26Obama to Legion: VA making progress, but work remains
8.26American Legion honors Oliver North with National PR Award
8.26Combat trauma surgeon given Legion’s top award
8.26America's largest wartime veterans organization signed a memorandum of understanding
8.24American Legion to host town hall meeting Monday night in Charlotte
8.19Nearly 90 employers look to hire veterans at 96th American Legion National Convention
8.11Legion convention to bring thousands of veterans and millions of dollars to Charlotte
8.08Legion National Commander: President makes right call on U.S. air strikes, Iraq must not fall
8.07President signs VA reform bill
8.01Commander calls VA reform bill “one step”
7.22American Legion plans Baltimore-area meeting and crisis center for veterans
7.08American Legion to conduct town hall meeting and crisis center in St. Louis, Mo.
6.30Legion Commander hopes VA nominee is up to the challenge
6.30American Legion to set up veterans crisis center in Colorado
6.19Greatest Legislation for the Greatest Generation
6.12American Legion to conduct town hall meeting and crisis center in Fayetteville, N.C.
6.12Legion thanks Congress for swift response
6.09VA Audit Confirms American Legion Concerns About Wait Times
6.09American Legion to host TBI/PTSD symposium in Washington
6.05Legion Announces 2014 Recipients of Top Journalism Award
6.03Legion to set up crisis center in Phoenix
6.03Legion: Sgt Bergdahl release is good, Gitmo releases are bad
5.30Legion on Shinseki resignation: ‘It is a beginning'
5.29Legion calls for criminal investigations at VA
5.28The American Legion Announces a New Alliance with Founding Fathers Brewing Company
5.21American Legion responds to Obama press conference
5.13The American Legion Town Hall
5.02Phoenix VA staff placed on leave
5.02Commander disturbed over new VA allegations
5.01American Legion to hold town hall meeting in Phoenix on VA health care
4.24Legion: VA secret list “abhorrent”
4.09Legion to Congress: Hold VA accountable for preventable deaths
4.03American Legion National Commander reacts to Ft. Hood tragedy
3.26Legion to Congress: ‘Ease the burden’
3.17American Legion World Series to be broadcast on ESPNU
3.04Legion encouraged by 2015 VA budget proposal

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