Membership Target Dates Awards Program

The department commander and the department membership chairman may earn checks up to $1,000 based on a points system for meeting the national target dates and other target areas. Each department must accomplish its goal by the May target date, using traditional methods, before becoming eligible for awards.

An additional $1,000 is awarded to the department for meeting all target dates.

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EARLY BIRD/NEF KICKOFF *SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 50% 5,000 points
FALL MEETINGS OCTOBER 14, 2015 55% 5,500
VETERANS DAY NOVEMBER 13, 2015 65% 6,500
PEARL HARBOR DAY *DECEMBER 9, 2015 75% 7,500
MID-WINTER JANUARY 20, 2016 80% 8,000
PRESIDENT’S DAY *FEBRUARY 10, 2016 85% 8,500
LEGION BIRTHDAY MARCH 9, 2016 90% 9,000
CHILDREN & YOUTH *APRIL 13, 2016 95% 9,500
ARMED FORCES DAY MAY 11, 2016 100% 10,000

Post and district commanders should remember to place particular emphasis on renewing existing members (and reinstating expired members) as well as actively recruiting new members throughout the year.

Target dates fall on the second Wednesday of the month unless there is a holiday on that day or at the beginning of that week.
The November target date will be on Thursday due to Veterans Day falling on that previous Monday.
To maximize the January renewal notice, the January target date will be on the third Wednesday of the month.
*This date is also a renewal notice cutoff date.