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How should the United States respond to worldwide violence regarding an anti-Islam video?


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  1. WE should live within our borders and learn to live with our own abundant resources. THEY should leave us alone, or find out what tactical nuclear weapons are for.

  2. DUBNAVY60,
    I agree wholeheartedly with everything Bob95490 said. I also think that we should have a plan in place so that we can respond immediately when things like this happen. And they will continue as long as we fail to do something significant about it. Remember Thomas Jefferson's refusal to pay tribute to the Barbary pirates? We need that same attitude about the current situation regarding middle Eastern oil. No more being held hostage by those who don't like us and don't appreciate our help. It would be great to have our politicians understand that no matter how nice we are to them they still hate us and that there is not
    enough so called moderate Muslems to change that attitude.

    William A. Whisenant

  3. I answered other because I think it is time to disengage. Disengage by ending all foreign aid to Islamist nations that have allowed these attacks to occur within their borders. Disengage by opening up domestic oil reserves and developing new domestic fuel sources while boycotting Islamist sourced oil Disengage by denying all US sourced strategic materials, manufactured, mineral or technological to include any future disaster relief, to the Islamist nations that allowed the attacks on our embassies and the murder of our diplomats. Disengage in all but the two things that seem to get the Islamists' attention, the exercise of free speech and drone attacks on those that attack our citizens, our embassies or our country, with neither action being apologized for either in public or private.

    Robert Ireland (PUFL)ajuxm

  4. We cannot punish America for the crimes of others. The person has every right according to free speech to say anything they wish as long as it does not interfere with another's life. Words are like guns, they do not kill.....people kill and we all saw who did the killing and they are the ones who should be punished unmercifully.

  5. Cut off all aid and impose sanctions for all countries that 1) do not protect our embassies and people, 2) do not go after radicals, esp Imans (Sulfi and Waharabi) and 3) sanction radicals that instigate violence against us

  6. Military action is not always needed or wanted. Our elected officials, who swear an oath "to preservem protect, and defend the Constitution," must first, and foremost, tell those who attack our First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech to shove their theocratic rage where the sun doesn't shine. If Moslems or Islam, or any other "my way or else" ideologues, can't, or won't, take the heat of free speech then they should get out of the kitchen.

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