(Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol)

Legion: 'If children can cross our borders, what about terrorists?’

Calling the spike of illegal aliens entering the United States a “full-blown crisis,” the leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization called on President Barack Obama to secure the borders and remove all economic benefits that incentivize and exacerbate the problem.

“If unaccompanied children can so easily enter the United States, what kind of message does this send to a committed foreign terrorist?” asked American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger. “It is inhumane to continue a policy that encourages children to risk violence and rape by human traffickers, or death in the desert. Moreover, we simply cannot afford the economic toll that it places on our country which is already burdened by an enormous national debt.”

The American Legion has passed numerous national resolutions over the years opposing illegal immigration and amnesty. Dellinger added that “politics should never get in the way of securing our borders. The president should send the National Guard to our borders immediately. On ‘Meet the Press,’ the Homeland Security Secretary repeatedly dodged the question as to whether the latest wave of people crossing the border would be deported. If given the opportunity, hundreds of millions of people from third world countries would love to live in the United States. We simply cannot sustain this invasion of our national sovereignty.”

The American Legion’s immigration strategy can be found here.


  1. The comments about these kids crossing the border are so Asinine, you need to have and Idiot box for them... The Government is doing what is paid to do, with the tools they have ,, its a better job then the commentators could ever...
  2. Don't know where you get your info from Jim Bob but the kids sure as hell are getting across the border with many being released into the general population to other family already here or with the parent they crossed with. Everyone is going to detainment centers first and then getting processed. If they were NOT getting across the border they wouldn't be sent to detainment centers here in the U.S. Your comment makes absolutely no sense. Whose detainment centers do you think they are going to, Mexico? As if that would ever happen.
  3. Our "president" has to take action to halt these children from crossing into this country. We have enough debt, thanks to Bush, to provide food, clothing and shelter while we have thousands in this country in need of food clothing and shelter. What about the homeless veterans, the maimed, those with psd, and those with prosthetic limbs. Charity starts at home. It is pathetic what these kids have to endure, however, we cannot be the policemen of the world nor the social workers of the world. Think about our people who are trying to find jobs. Again, it is pathetic what these kids have to endure, but we have to draw the line somewhere.
  4. For gods sake, the kids are NOT getting across the border, that is why they are being sent to detainment centers.
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