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Support young people in your community

Featured in Sons of the Legion

The American Legion’s national theme for April is "Children & Youth Month." We encourage your use and support of this theme in the promotion of all your children and youth programs. As Americans, we need to remember amid the problems we face daily with the environment, crime, unemployment and financial uncertainty, the one constant that will make or break this nation is our young people. They are our future, our hopes and our dreams for a better tomorrow.

The American Legion has been actively involved with children’s issues since the early 1900s. In many instances, The American Legion family have been the driving force on the federal, state and local levels representing their interests and voicing their concerns. In 1938, April was formally designated as Child Welfare Month (now called Children & Youth Month) and has continued on an annual basis. During this special time, we urge each of you to show your community that the American Legion family is committed to "Children...Our Most Precious Natural Resource."

View the new "April is Children & Youth Month" brochure to see how you can get involved with youth in your community.

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