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Meet Sons National Commander Mike Moss





Well here we are at just over the half way point of this administrative year. We have a lot of work yet to be completed in order to complete our “Bridge to the Future”. Membership this year is progressing nicely throughout all our regions. There seems to be a bit of competiveness this year of who’s going to finish on top.

With all of your hard work and dedication to the membership program we will all succeed. This year we have opened the door to a new program that the Sons embraced that is the American Legion Endowment Fund. The Sons have never raised funds for this program in the past. I’m sure we all look forward to supporting this now and in the future. Let us continue to strive toward our goal of $90,000.00 and let us also not forget the National Emergency fund, this program continues to gain momentum in assisting our Legion family’s in emergency situations.

Throughout my travels this year I have tried to highlight some of our younger Sons members, for these young members will be our future leaders of the Sons of The American Legion. We need to continue to mentor them, so members such as Austin and Layne Miller from the Detachment of Montana will be ready to step up and lead our organization, “keep up the good work gentlemen”

Let me take a moment and mention our American Legion National Commander Mike Helm’s project”4X4 fundraising project”. The Commander has asked each Post, Squadron, Unit and Chapter to participate by donating to your favorite charity. Each member of the Legion Family that donates $100.00 will receive; a stay on course Commanders pin. This is just one example how we all will make a difference in the lives of Veterans and Children in our future.

Please continue to strive for success in everything we do; to make that “Bridge” stronger and to link our families together. 

God bless the American Legion Family & God bless America. 

Mike Moss

National commander

Sons of the American Legion


Mike Moss

New Sons of the American Legion National Commander

     August 24, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the 43rd National Convention, Mike Moss was elected as The National Commander for The Sons of The American Legion for the 2014-2015 Membership Year. Mike lives in Colorado and has been and still is very active in the Colorado Detachment. Mike has also served on the National level as the Mid - West National Vice Commander and is a Past Chairman of the National Children & Youth Commission.

Mike's eligibility is through his Father a 54 year member of The American Legion Family. Mike's Father served in the Air Force during the Korean War flying in B-29's. One of Mike's earliest memories of American Legion activities was when he was 8 years old and going down to the local grocery store with His mother also a 54 year member of the Legion Family to sell poppies to raise money.

Mike's Motto this year is "Building Bridges To The Future". He knows that our future lies in our Youths. Mike would like membership to be at 100% by May 1st 2015 and have the renewal rate at or over 90%.

Mike's also has goals for this year of; raising our membership to 370,000 members. $50,000 dollars in donations to the Legion National Emergency Fund. $400,000 in donations to The Legion Child Welfare Fund, and making our membership aware of the Legion National Endowment Fund with a goal of $90,000 in donations. 

Mike will have some very active engineer’s to help him this year starting with National Vice Commander-Greg “Doc” Gibbs-East, Jeff Evans-South, Ron Wyatt-Central, Charles Keith-Mid West, and David Swafford-West. Backing up the engineer’s will be National Membership Chairman-George Lasinski, National Adjutant- Brian O’ Hearne, National Chaplain-Harl Ray, National Commander’s Aide-Ken Yanke, National Historian-Mark Klilstrom, and National Liaison John Kerestan.

MIke Moss, National Commander

Sons of The American Legion

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