All I did was type

I think we all remember the day we raised our right hand and took our oath. After turning 18, I enlisted in the U.S. Army on Feb. 20, 1975 and left for Fort McClellan, Ala. As a 71L - Admin Specialist, I didn't do anything extraordinary or heroic. I just typed and answered the telephone, and was stationed at Fort Bliss and with the 71st Signal Battalion (Provisional) in Okinawa. However, I was proud to have served in some way.
I have been a member of the William W. Fahey American Legion Post 491 in Kennett Square, Pa., for about 17 years now. My son and daughter seemed to have grown up in the Legion and had the opportunity to attend Keystone Boys and Girls State; my son and husband are members of the Sons of The American Legion. Since we were a Scouting family my husband and I started Boy Scout Venturing Crew 491, chartered by my post. This crew is very active and the youth are enjoying the program. My father-in-law served in the Navy for 8 years, was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and was in all the major battles in the South Pacific. We have his military records and look at them every so often and wonder what it was like for him; he never talked about this with his family. My father was drafted during the Korean War, but was missing an eardrum and did not pass the physical. He said he tried every which way to convince the Army otherwise, but they said no. He and my mother were happy to be present during my swearing-in and graduation from basic training.
Enlisting in the Army was a good decision as it allowed me to serve my country, see the world and get an education.


  1. First, THANK YOU for your service! It appears you followed in the footsteps of some very dedicated family members; that dedication prompted you to serve this nation as well. You served, and did so proudly. The Army Commendation Medal you wore indicates that you gave your very best; regardless of where you were, what you were asked to do, or the time of day (or night). How many hundreds of soldiers benefitted by your "being there"? I am retiring from teaching students in elementary school. Each Veterans' Day, we have a bulletin board entitled, "Duty, Honor, Country". We host family and friends who are veterans, and ask those who wish, to share their experiences with us. My students know and understand that anyone who takes the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and a hero.
    I did a little bit of typing as well; first as a 71B Clerk Typist, later as a 75D Records Specialist, then as a 75Z Personnel Sergeant. I retired as a Chief Warrant Officer (CW3). Stand tall, and be proud!