About System Worth Saving

In fiscal 2003, American Legion Past National Commander Ronald F. Conley initiated a series of visits to the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) Medical Centers throughout the VA health-care system. One of the results of these visits was the acknowledgement that this is indeed "A System Worth Saving (SWS)".

At The American Legion National Convention in 2006, Resolution 206, "Annual State of VA Medical Facilities Report", authorized a continuation of these visits. To fulfill the intent of this resolution, current National Commander James E. Koutz has appointed an American Legion Task Force to continue the review of VA facilities.

Each year, the System Worth Saving Task Force members conduct a series of site visits to VA medical facilities, as mandated by Resolution 206, "Annual State of VA Medical Facilities Report". Reports generated from these visits are compiled into a document illustrating the manner in which each respective facility utilizes specific resources and notes the facility's challenges and limitations. The most recent report focused on women veterans healthcare and can be found here.

This year's "System Worth Saving" Report will focus on the past, present, and future of VA health care.