The American Legion has always believed in the quality of care at VA medical centers. In spite of the scheduling scandals that broke in Phoenix and spread throughout the country, we still stand strong behind our mantra that it's a “System Worth Saving.”

As evidence of our dedication to VA, we put boots on the ground over the summer, producing a dozen Veterans Crisis Command Centers and Town Hall meetings in some of the areas hardest hit by the epidemic of VA mismanagement. The compassionate care delivered to frustrated veterans has helped pave the way for a new era of improved VA care.

The American Legion Response

In response to a national crisis, The American Legion went to work, community to community, face to face, one veteran at a time.

Two weeks after the VA Inspector General's Office substantiated claims that as many as 40 veterans in Arizona died waiting for medical appointments, The American Legion opened the first of 11 Veterans Crisis Command Centers and Town Hall Meetings in Phoenix.

This report shares the stories of each Veterans Crisis Command Center, where local Legion officials and national staff helped more than 3,000 veterans in both rural and urban areas. On-the-spot retroactive VA benefits amounted to nearly $1 million.


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