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National VA&R Commission Bulletins

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Bulletins

Oct 08, 2013Impact of possible lapse in appropriations on VA services
Oct 03, 2013The American Legion Helping Veterans during the Government Shutdown
Aug 31, 2012VA Expands Women’s Health Practitioner Trainings
Aug 31, 2012VA Continues to Reduce Gender Disparities in Health Care
Aug 24, 2012New Director of Center for Minority Veterans Named
Aug 13, 2012Institute of Medicine’s Committee on the Assessment of Ongoing Efforts in the Treatment of PTSD
Jul 26, 2012VA to Expand Health Care Service by Opening 13 New Community-Based Outpatient Clinics
Jul 26, 2012Veteran Combat Call Center
Jul 24, 2012VA Exceeds 2012 Goal to Improve Online Access to Benefits Information
Jul 12, 2012Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2012 Passes House
Jul 12, 2012VA Report: New Training Model Yields Faster, More Accurate
Jun 15, 2012Refund Schemes related to Military Disability Compensation
May 09, 2012VA Eliminates Copayment for In-Home Video Telehealth Care
Apr 24, 2012New VA Initiatives to Improve Benefits Delivery to Veterans and Families
Mar 23, 2012VA Expands Medical Forms Program
Mar 21, 2012Summer Traveling Tips
Mar 20, 2012Project Reach
Mar 14, 2012Brain Injury Awareness Day
Mar 08, 2012Forensic Behavioral Health
Feb 27, 2012National Guard Peer-to-Peer Counseling
Feb 23, 2012Health Care Benefits Handbook
Feb 22, 2012QUERI Focus on Heart Disease
Feb 16, 2012VA Introduces Text Messaging
Feb 03, 2012VGLI program
Feb 01, 2012National Salute to Veteran Patients
Feb 01, 2012VA Caregivers Support Line Celebrates First Anniversary
Feb 01, 2012Women and Heart Disease
Nov 08, 2011Procedures for Sharing VA Compensation Records with Army at Pinellas Park Introduction
Nov 04, 2011COLA for Veterans Sent to the President
May 20, 2011Medical Foster Home (MFH) Program
May 18, 2011Releasing Retroactive Benefits to Beneficiaries under Fiduciary Supervision
Jul 27, 2010Statement on state of Gulf War veterans
Jul 22, 2010'Healing the Physical Injuries of War'
Mar 31, 2010VA Publishes Proposed Agent Orange Presumption Regulation
Mar 30, 2010New comprehensive study on Vietnam-era women veterans
Mar 26, 2010Presumptions of service connection for Persian Gulf service
Mar 25, 2010The American Legion's views on several pieces of legislation being considered by the Subcommittee on Veterans' Affairs
Mar 24, 2010Examination of VA regional office disability claims quality review methods - Is VBA's systemic technical accuracy review (STAR) making the grade?
Mar 24, 2010National Personnel Records Center: Medals, Corrections, Rumors, Fees
Mar 03, 2010Allow increased flexibility in payments for State Veterans Homes
Feb 23, 2010The Veterans Health Administration's Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request
Feb 04, 2010Transitioning heroes: new era, same problems?
Feb 04, 2010Review of VA contract health care Project Hero
Feb 04, 2010The implementation and status update of the veterans' benefits improvement act of 2008, PL 110-389
Jan 27, 2010PTSD class action lawsuit - Lawyers Serving Warriors
Jan 26, 2010VA publishs lists of 'blue-water' vessels that operated inland
Jan 25, 2010C&P Brown Water Navy Tracking Program
Dec 10, 2009New comprehensive study on Vietnam-era women veterans
Dec 10, 2009Legion assist VA to investigate third-party insurance claims
Dec 04, 2009VA to survey veteran households