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Veteran Services: State Education Benefits


You've earned the right to a higher education through your service in the U.S. Armed Forces. But how do you use your GI Bill benefits? Which version is right for you? The Legion can help answer questions about state and/or federal education benefits, who can use them, and how long.

State Education Benefits

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Maine National Guard Education Assistance:
Provides eligible soldiers direct tuition assistance to help with college up to 100% tuition at all state colleges and universities, limited to the tuition cost for the state university. The program is subject to funding availability, individual eligibility criteria, and application guidelines & deadlines published to units.
Eligibility: Maine National Guard member must satisfy all four of the following conditions: a) Be a member of the Maine National Guard on or before the first day of class for the semester, trimester, quarter, or term. b) Have successfully completed basic training or received a commission on or before the first day of class for the semester, trimester, quarter, or term. c) Be a satisfactory participant in the Maine National Guard.

An “unsatisfactory participant” is a member of the Maine National Guard who has accumulated nine or more unexcused absences from unit training assemblies within a 12 month period, or who, without proper authority, fails to attend or complete the entire period of annual training. d. Enter into a written contractual commitment with the Maine National Guard to serve in the Maine National Guard for at least one year beyond the end of the term for which Education Assistance is granted.

Maine State Approving Agency for Veterans Education Programs
10F Cross Road
P.O. Box 355
Winthrop, ME 04364
Phone: 207-377-4661
Fax: 207-377-4663