You're working, and you've got a family that depends on you - both now and down the road. Where do you invest your money? Do you borrow against the equity in your house? Through a preferred provider relationship with USAA, The American Legion can provide expert financial advice to just about any question.

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I am a member of American Legion Post 88 in Loudon, N.H., and I am on disability. We are on the edge of starving and being homeless because of overdue rent and utility bills. My wife works for the state of New Hampshire, but we do not have enough money to catch up on all our bills. Is there a place that will loan me money even though I know my credit score is low? – Myril


The most important thing to do is generate some money. With an unemotional mindset, look around your house to see what you can sell. Most of us have several things lying around that we don’t use, like or want – sell it! And considering your disability, see if there is anything you can do from home to generate money, such as data entry. Is there anything you can do for your landlord to earn a month’s rent? Repairs, for example. You must think clearly and creatively. Losing your home would only complicate the issues even more.
You should also consider speaking to your Legion post commander or contact The American Legion Department of New Hampshire at 603-271-2211.