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Veteran Services: Finances


You're working, and you've got a family that depends on you - both now and down the road. Where do you invest your money? Do you borrow against the equity in your house? Through a preferred provider relationship with USAA, The American Legion can provide expert financial advice to just about any question.


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USAA's 2011 Memorial Day ceremony

Wach more videos from USAA's 2011 Memorial Day ceremony

Strength of a nation
Capt. Jack "Dusty" Kleiss, veteran pilot of the Battle of Midway during World War II, remembers that day while giving tribute to the fallen.

The Spirit of Memorial Day
If the spirit of Memorial Day was embodied, this is what it might say.

Brush of Compassion: Kaziah Hancock
Utah artist Kaziah Hancock reflects on why she and four other artists donate their time to paint portraits of fallen heroes to give to their families.

Taps Performance by Jari Villanueva
Of all the military bugle calls, none is so recognized as the poignant and eloquent "Taps." The call is unique to the United States military and is used at U.S. bases around the world.

Phil Stacey performs "Old Glory"
Former American Idol contestant and Navy Veteran sings "Old Glory" during USAA's Memorial Day Ceremony.

Meaning of Memorial Day
Hugh Ambrose shares why we honor those who have sacrificed for us.



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