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Veteran Services: Finances


You're working, and you've got a family that depends on you - both now and down the road. Where do you invest your money? Do you borrow against the equity in your house? Through a preferred provider relationship with USAA, The American Legion can provide expert financial advice to just about any question.


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USAA sets up shop in Pentagon

USAA sets up shop in Pentagon
DoD photo

Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) members and USAA members can now meet face-to-face with a USAA representative at PenFed’s branch inside the Pentagon, to discuss investments, retirement solutions and life insurance. The move builds upon an alliance created by the two financial services providers last year.

In addition to these newly added services, both organizations’ members can also use videophone to talk to USAA employees at other locations about home and auto insurance, or their insurance claims.

PenFed entered into an alliance with USAA last year, making USAA its preferred provider of insurance and financial service products. The alliance allows for easier access to a broader range of complementary products and services for both organizations’ membership.

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