You're working, and you've got a family that depends on you - both now and down the road. Where do you invest your money? Do you borrow against the equity in your house? Through a preferred provider relationship with USAA, The American Legion can provide expert financial advice to just about any question.


USAA says data safe from ‘Heartbleed’ bug

USAA is alerting its members that there is no evidence that the financial services provider or its members have been affected.

Four tax changes for 2014

As the 2013 filing deadline approaches, consider these changes as you look forward to next year’s tax season.

Protect your stuff and pass it on

After some discussion, it became clear that getting his 90-year-old father, who was a bit set in his ways, to change his current insurance coverage might not be the easiest way for the son to get his foot in USAA’s door.

USAA, NFL partner at Pro Bowl

World’s top football players interact with schoolchildren and work on mural with Marines in Hawaii.

Let tax brackets guide your retirement plan

At times I feel like a broken record: “Save, save, save!” That’s my mantra when it comes to preparing for retirement. But lately I’m getting quite a few questions from those who have already crossed the retirement threshold.

Out of the mattress and into the market

All that cash, despite today’s rock-bottom interest rates.

USAA chief shares hiring approach

CEO Josue ‘Joe’ Robles says Legion’s preferred provider of insurance and financial services will “up the ante” on veteran and military spouse hiring this year.

Blunders that can ding your credit scores

Credit scores are based on credit history, so make sure that yours is accurate.

Four tax scams to avoid

As April 15 approaches, be on the alert for these four common tax scams.

Don't let these 5 myths rain on your retirement party

Do you dream of the day you can retire, but aren't sure how to get there? You're not alone.