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Veteran Services: Health Care

Health Care

The range of health issues facing America's veterans is both wide and ever-evolving. The American Legion recognizes this and provides valuable health-care information on a variety of conditions, as well as regularly updated information on the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Legion defends VA chief against columnist

Eric Shinseki taken to task by TIME Magazine columnist Joe Klein. The Legion responds in defense of VA chief.

Legion reacts to allegations by VA whistleblower

National commander calls for 'thorough investigation' into accusations that Department of Veterans Affairs suppressed evidence of links between Gulf War Illness, environmental hazards to which servicemembers were exposed.

Coffman: VA Gulf War Illness treatment ‘embarrassing'

Hearing reveals that Department of Veterans Affairs – as it did with Agent Orange-related illnesses – is taking its time in recognizing that Gulf War Illness is a real disease that needs a cure.

The dilemma of electronic health records

Legion challenges VA and DoD on decision to cancel development of the Integrated Electronic Health Record system.

Has this man conquered Gulf War Syndrome?

An Army major’s personal quest for wellness may have unraveled the mysteries of one of the western world’s most baffling diseases.

Legion volunteers, hours needed

VA medical centers report drop in volunteer help from Legionnaires; initiatives announced to help meet Legion's 1 million volunteer hours mark.

House examines VA mental health-care quality

The American Legion submitted written testimony to a recent House hearing on VA's ability to provide quality mental health care to America's veterans.

VA delivers Legion thank-you letters

During National Day of Service, many people stopped by The American Legion’s booth to write thank-you letters to veterans.

VA, DoD change health record project

The Integrated Electronic Health Record was intended to solve the perennial problem of incompatible medical records.

Day of Service a day to remember

Nearly 2,000 thank-you letters to veterans are written in the Legion's booth, while more than 50 VA volunteers are signed up.