Health Care

The range of health issues facing America's veterans is both wide and ever-evolving. The American Legion recognizes this and provides valuable health-care information on a variety of conditions, as well as regularly updated information on the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Legion to set up crisis center in Phoenix

Center will assist veterans and family members affected by VA's waiting-list scandal.

Statement from Acting VA Secretary Gibson

Acting Director Sloan Gibson's 1st priority: Get all veterans off waiting lists and into clinics.

Legion on Shinseki resignation: ‘It is a beginning'

National Commander: Solution is to weed out the incompetence and corruption within the VHA and the VBA

Legion calls for criminal investigations at VA

Phoenix report confirms dishonest scheduling procedures are ‘systemic.'

VA Inspector General releases Phoenix report

Report: Delaying medical care to veterans and manipulating records to hide those delays is 'systemic throughout' VA.

A message to veterans from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs

VA chief echoes Obama's vow to get to the bottom of allegations.

Commander: Much more action needed to fix VA issues

National Commander Dellinger appaluds president for demanding accountability but questions why more action wasn't taken regarding Department of Veterans Affairs scandal.

VA memo warned of ‘gaming strategies’

The memo was written four years ago, stating that "inappropriate scheduling practices" were being used.

Positives, negatives aired during VA town hall meeting

Dozens of veterans share their stories of the care they receive at the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center during an American Legion town hall meeting in Indiana.

Legion on Petzel resignation: 'business as usual'

Legion: Petzel already scheduled to retire this year, so his resignation now really won’t make that much of a difference.