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Veteran Services: Health Care

Health Care

The range of health issues facing America's veterans is both wide and ever-evolving. The American Legion recognizes this and provides valuable health-care information on a variety of conditions, as well as regularly updated information on the Department of Veterans Affairs.


SWS site visit to Michigan VA positive

Ann Arbor facility reveals successful improvements to Legion’s System Worth Saving Task Force team.

Legion to conduct TBI-PTSD symposium

June 24 event will bring together Legionnaires, those suffering from TBI/PTSD and key personnel from Departments of Veterans Affairs, Defense.

VA’s long list of performance failures

The accumulation of preventable deaths, delayed health care and rewarding incompetent executives led to The American Legion’s call for the VA secretary’s resignation.

Dellinger heads to Phoenix

The Legion's national commander will join members of the Legion's System Worth Saving Task Force at a town hall meeting.

Dellinger calls for VA secretary, 2 others to step down

National Commander Daniel Dellinger calls for the resignation of Department of Veterans Secretary Eric Shinseki, Under Secretary of Health Robert Petzel and Under Secretary of Benefits Allison Hickey during today's press conference in Indianapolis.

Commander disturbed over new VA allegations

Another Phoenix doctor’s claim that evidence was destroyed to conceal secret waiting lists must be investigated and, if true, lead to severe consequences, Dellinger says.

Phoenix VA staff placed on leave

American Legion agrees with secretary’s decision, calls for speedy and thorough investigation into allegations of secret waiting list.

Legion to conduct town hall meeting on Phoenix VA health care

VA facility alleged to maintain secret patient wait-list to be evaulated by Legion health-care experts during Phoenix visit.

DoD's suicide report: A call for action

American Legion wants more proactive programs developed to address suicide risk among servicemembers, veterans.

VA offers no answers on Phoenix allegations

Legion attends meeting with VA in Washington that produces no explanation for hospital’s secret list.