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Veteran Services: Advice for Job Seekers


When you leave the military, the biggest question is "what's next?" It's a scary job market right now, but the skills you've received in the military make you highly marketable. The Legion sponsors dozens of veterans hiring fairs each year, and our employment experts also provide tips to writing resumes, networking and making a strong impression in the interview process.

Advice for Job Seekers

Job Hunting: 3 Tips on What We Do Right

Veterans looking for employment should do their homework, look the part, and close an interview well.

Pack your résumé with power verbs

Use words that are more inviting to read and likely to capture an employer’s attention.

Top 10 fastest growing jobs

Physical therapist, labratory supervisor and research analyst are among the careers with an increasing need for qualified professionals

10 jobs that allow you to work from home

These jobs allow you to earn a stable income from the comfort of your own home.

Veterans a match for firefighting profession

Veterans often are a perfect fit for becoming firefighters because of their service backgrounds.

Can social networking sites get you a job?

Job-seekers should learn the value of tapping into sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to find leads for a new job.

Six high-paying jobs that are often overlooked

Jobs that provide high financial stability are often forgotten by job-seekers.

Find a way to be a 'specialist' in your job search

Companies want to hire specialists, not generalists. Your military experience can put you in the former category.

How to write an effective résumé

Follow these simple tips and pointers to write a résumé that stands out from the stack.

How to make sure your online job application is read

Employers are often flooded with résumés from online job postings. Learn to use the keywords that will get yours read.