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Veteran Services: Jobs


When you leave the military, the biggest question is "what's next?" It's a scary job market right now, but the skills you've received in the military make you highly marketable. The Legion sponsors dozens of veterans hiring fairs each year, and our employment experts also provide tips to writing resumes, networking and making a strong impression in the interview process.


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Federal job events set for April 13

Federal job events set for April 13
Photo by Craig Roberts

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will offer a number of career and entrepreneurial events of potential interest to veterans on April 13. The National Chamber Foundation (NCF), a nonprofit affiliate of the Chamber of Commerce, invites veterans and all business-minded individuals to Washington throughout the week for conferences and workshops focusing on CEO leadership and entrepreneurial practices. Legion staff members will attend these events.

On April 13, the NCF will host Tom Fanning, president and CEO of Southern Company, at the Chamber of Commerce building. Fanning, a successful entrepreneur in the electricity field, will speak to event attendees about how he advanced his business in the energy sector and significantly expanded his workforce. Visit the NCF’s CEO Leadership Series website for more information on attending.

Also on April 13, the NCF will give a presentation on improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics scores for American youth. The study comes on the heels of a 2009 Department of Education report that found students in the U.S. are significantly lagging behind their international peers in these areas of study. For more information on attending, click here.

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