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When you leave the military, the biggest question is "what's next?" It's a scary job market right now, but the skills you've received in the military make you highly marketable. The Legion sponsors dozens of veterans hiring fairs each year, and our employment experts also provide tips to writing resumes, networking and making a strong impression in the interview process.


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Legion to examine credentialing

Legion to examine credentialing

The military invests millions in training servicemembers, sending them all over the world to learn skills and gain a wide arsenal of experiences. Unfortunately, these skills don’t often translate into a civilian career - especially in the trade and certification professions.

The American Legion will investigate this issue and find ways to improve veterans and transitioning servicemembers’ job prospects in the trade professions with its first-ever National Credentialing Summit. The event welcomes policy makers and experts from human relations to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce building in Washington, Feb. 21 - 23, to discuss ways to improve credentialing opportunities for veterans and transitioning servicemembers. Registration for the event is open, and individuals who are experts in the credentialing field are welcome to apply to attend.

Among those invited were Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Joint Chairman Mike Dempsey, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Kevin Schmiegel from the Chamber of Commerce, along with many others from the private and public sectors.

Given the veteran unemployment problem in our country, such an event is paramount. It’s also commonsensical that veterans be able to use their military training in their careers, says Steve Gonzalez, Legion Economic Division assistant director.

“The American Legion recognizes improved credentialing as a means to rectify a veteran unemployment problem that only figures to worsen as more veterans return from overseas,” Gonzalez says. “Credentialing veterans and transitioning servicemembers also provides a return investment to the military and our nation, which spent considerably in training uniformed personnel and stands to gain if these veterans put their service-learned skills to use in the workforce.”

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