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American Legion staff is attending a hearing by the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations regarding VA contracting – especially as it relates to construction. While there appears to be no widespread abuse, the complex, antiquated reporting system leaves question to feasibility of the entire VA contracting system.


  1. I worked for one year in a contract clinic in El Centro Ca. The Vets asked for certain services when the contract from La Jolla was submitted for bids. The Vets in the valley got nowhere what they were expecting. In fact most Vets were disgusted with the services offered and went back the VA clinic in Mission Valley.

    Other issue is that the Govt takes care of business and a contract clinic is only worried about the bottom line! With all the issues that need training and services the clinic needed to do, the company I was working for did not allow any time for training the staff to do this!

    VA clinics should only be run by the govt without contractors.

    Robert Carr

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