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  1. I am very concerned about a nationwide effort to have the Honor and Remember Flag legislated as a new national symbol to recognize our fallen. The founder of Honor/Remember, George Lutz, stated on his website that he attended the Legion's 2011 national conference and that there was overwhelming support for his flag there. It was my understanding that the American Legion does not support the H/R flag legislation (nor the H/R flag). I am concerned about Mr. Lutz' statement. He argues that America needs his flag because our national flag is not recognized as the symbol of sacrifice that those of us who have either served, or lost someone who did, understand it to be. My position is that more needs to be done to develop a better public understanding of what the American flag truly represents. Mr. Lutz thinks that to create a new flag (the sales from which he will financially benefit)is the solution to American apathy about Old Glory. What is the Legion's position on all of this?

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