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Americanism/Children & Youth staff and web designers are undertaking development of a web page for the Junior Law Cadet program on


  1. I suggest that you look closely at the Law Enforcement Youth program in Arizona. You may want to look at the article in the Legion Magazine of October, 2009. The Arizona program is actually a "mini-law enforcement academy" not just a show and tell program. As the program's Past Director and current Deputy Director, I can only hope that National will adopt much of the course work of that program. As an incorporated non-profit organization it is a prime example of how a partnership (one that has existed for over 30 years) can work between a Legion Department (Arizona) and the Law Enforcement Community (Arizona Department of Public Safety). Known as the American Legion Law Enforcement Career Academy (A.L.L.E.C.A.)it has introduced 100's of Arizona youth to what law enforcement is and what it takes to adopt that profession. I am glad to see that National is now interested.

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