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The chairman of the National Americanism Commission and Legionnaires from the Department of Maryland are observing Sen. Ben Cardin deliver a speech on the floor of the Senate recognizing the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem and its relationship to Maryland and our nation.


  1. I this past week I attended the National Association of Secondary School Principals in Tampa, where as an exhibitor, I had the honor of meeting Charles Graybiel, who was representing the Legion at the convention. Though I was also there as an exhibitor, I attended as many convention events as able. One such event was the opening ceremony. The ceremony was magnificent...JROTC posted the Colors with precision, the President of the Middle School Principals (a Desert Storm Vet) asked all Veterans to stand to be recognized drawing loud applause, and there was a beautiful live rendition of our National Anthem with Old Glory proudly displayed waving on three jumbo "high-def" screens. The only thing that spoiled the occasion for me was that as I glanced around, I was saddened to see that only about one-third of the 1,900 principals in the room apparently know it is appropriate to place their right hand over their heart during the singing of our Nation's Anthem. I had to ask leaders of our schools, students who attend these schools, and their teachers, and presumably "pillars of the community", what does this say about Civics and patriotism? To me this is very sad and I am hoping the Legion finds this a worthy educate our educators. I am one who is a ready to assist in any way I can to help correct this unfortunate situation. Thank you.

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