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Legislative Division staff are attending three congressional hearings: the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, “National Guard/USAR Oversight”; the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, “VA Mental Health Care: Ensuring Timely Access to High-Quality Care”; and the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, “Focusing on People: A Review of VA’s Plans for Employee Training, Accountability, and Workload Management to Improve Disability Claims Processing.”
The American Legion is submitting testimony for the record at the Senate hearing on VA mental health care.


  1. Wait times, and smaller issues are important but not as relevant as some of VAMC's. issues. As I checked around different states questioning quality care for all eligible veterans. It seems to me where those states that have high level of support from services organizations, the appropriate care and level of care and respect given by VAMC's staff at at high regard. Now it is not same in states where lack of highest level of involvement no nonsense should anyone be treated in that capacity of neglect, innapropriate behavior, and determination without fact of why not this veteran receives same care of eligible treatment. It is always when confronted by patient advocate an excuse without fact why they will not find a way to get needs met. It doesn't matter what factual evidence in support of needs is presented. It always ends up with combative hear say. And the advocates finally admit to the so out of date statement, "this is the VA thats why" Not at all about the modern technologies and resources and the competence of the Drs. that is advertised. And if one speaks up, produces factual evidence, it only makes it worse. And by no means is this every VAMC. So there needs to be in my opinion an accountability system outside of it that holds them responsible and follow up with patients that so to speak, blew the whistle along with making sure the behaviors dont continue. And a system that recognizes as a part of their record of employment that keeps track on performance and professionalism. One that can not unbiased and be controlled within the facilities. It would save government money on tort claims, saves lives, contribute to well being each and everytime going for care, and have a demand for good personell being employed their. Way to long has this been avoided, there are some horror stories going on in some VAMC's.

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