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Day 3 of the National American Legion College,designed to train future Legion leaders, is underway in Indianapolis. Participants will learn about Legion programs and engage in various team-building exercises.


  1. This place ROCKS! Thank you for the opportunity to come here and learn. The Tornado Watch/Warning was a blast and we really got to see what the future leaders of the AL will do during an emergency. We immediately ran to the basement like scared rats and hid. Me, I ran to the basement and then decided to enjoy the danger and go back up stairs and take photographs and video. Who was the smarter ones? They must have been, because I forgot my jacket and they were dry. The National Judge Advocate was the best today. We enjoyed his war stories and experiences he has had with numerous Posts throughout the U.S. We hadn't laughed so much until he showed up, except for the Veterans Affairs instructor, who has come in a close second place with making us laugh. He is now at 64 1/4 days left before retirement, so we wished him good luck in his upcoming retirement. My group/post here asks for one thing---please be gentle during the grading of the Resolutions.

  2. Okay, what happpened to Day 2. We did put in time. We know this because we got our reimbursement checks today. Oh, and we cashed them before they bounced or you could cancel them.

  3. They weren't kidding about the long hours and intense sessions. It is good and just hope that I can remember much of what I am learning. It is good that we are getting CD's with the various subjects and speakers on them. It will help in passing this information onto our Posts and Districts (and by extension our Departments).

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