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The American Legion is in the opening stages of developing a new strategy to help veterans get jobs and job training.


  1. We as a nation need to make the jobs look interesting and seem willing to the people. Those without jobs are at a loss and need hlep finding one. This may be a long and hard process with the economy at a downfall. I myself am finding it hard to get a job and having to pay my own bills. It's certainly difficult so we all have to wait until the economy booms up again.

  2. I am using the new GI Bill for college. I was a Hospital Corpsman with 24 yrs service and multiple schools for leadership and field medicine, plus the experience that service brings. But the college doesnt accecpt any of it as they say "they cant validate" the training and testing of skills.

    The Govt needs to re-work the Service Agreements for Colleges (SOCNAV/MAR). This agreement hasnt been re-worked since the implementation of the Montgomery GI Bill in the late 80's. With different language and updated skills language, the colleges would have to give more credit for Vets, which in turn means less schooling and faster into the job market. Also for resumes, the skills can be matched to the SOC agreement for resume writing.

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