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National Commander Jimmie L. Foster is meeting with John Berry, director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. The two are discussing the national unemployment crisis and how government agencies are stepping up their efforts to hire more veterans.


  1. It would be good if once veterans obtain civil service jobs they could not be laid off. I am facing my second layoff from the same in agency in two years.

  2. I once works at a Veterans Clinic. I must say I was appulled at the way some of the Veterans were treated, ie: Waiting long periods of time when they came into their scheduled appointments in various clinics, and the providers would just be sitting there talking with others non-vets about personal business. Providers that were never Vets themselves. The non-shalont attitudes of Non-vet workers made me angry, not all were like that, I had a few friends that worked around me that cared because they themselves had family members in the military at one time. But, I think, the systems of rating and steps raises should be given a hard look. Out there in the civilian world alot of them would have been canned within their trial periods of employment. I finally left after 4yrs. I felt that some of non-Vets employees once they received their paperwork on career status. They could sit and collect their checks no matter what the day brought. Very concerned, for returning Vets. PJ in PA

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