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Legion staff is attending a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing concerning JPMorgan Chase’s alleged violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. An executive vice president of the mammoth bank is being questioned about unlawful practices that led to some active-duty servicemembers wrongly losing their homes.


  1. I would urge all American Legion members, veterans and active duty servicemen to withdraw their savings from JP Morgan Chase immediately to protest their disgraceful treatment of our servicemen. A $2 million "settlement" is certainly not enough to repay the servicemen who were cheated by the bank.
    The behavior of this bank is disgraceful and I sincerely hope that the Justice Dept. will bring criminal charges against executives responsible for the distress caused to servicemen in combat zones and their families at home.
    Hitting these bankers in their pocketbook is the only way to get through to them and send a clear message that veterans will not stand by for this treatment of our fighting men and women.
    Boycott JPMorgan Chase. Withdraw your funds today and let them know why.

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