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Attending Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on presumptive disability decision-making

National Commander Jimmie Foster and American Legion staff are attending an Senate Veteran Affairs Committee oversight hearing on “VA Disability Compensation: Presumptive Disability Decision-Making.” The hearing starts at 9:30 a.m. and will be webcast.

Click here to watch.

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National Commander Jimmie Foster testifies on Legion's legislative priorities to House and Senate

National Commander Jimmie Foster delivers The American Legion legislative priorities in testimony before a joint session of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees on Capitol Hill.

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Reviewing legislative matters in the 111th Congress

Legionnaires are meeting in Arlington, Va., today to discuss legislative matters that will affect veterans and servicemembers, and their families. The meeting comes on the eve of National Commander Jimmie Foster's testimony before a joint session of the House-Senate Veterans Affairs committees.

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Electronically posting Shooting Sports Official Match Program and Target Set Order Form, starting the JSSP season

Posting on the Web site The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Official 2011 Match Program and Target Set Order Form, kicking off the 2010-11 3-Position Air Rifle competition season.

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Testifying on Post-9/11 GI Bill

Bob Madden of the Legion's Economic Division is testifying on updates to the Post-9/11 GI Bill before a congressional subcommittee.

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Testifying on VA claims processing personnel

Ian de Planque of the Legion's VA&R Division is testifying at a congressional hearing on training requirements for VA claims processing personnel.

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Meeting with staff of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Bob Madden, assistant director of the Legion’s National Economic Division, is meeting with staff in the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, asking for her support of H.R. 5933, a bill designed to expand Post-9/11 G.I/ Bill benefits.

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Hosting a Vet Force meeting at D.C. office

Joe Sharpe, director of The American Legion’s Economic Division, is hosting a Vet Force meeting today at the Legion's Washington office. The group is made up of VSO representatives and veterans business associations; its purpose is to discuss legislation and issues that affect veteran business owners around the country.

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Planning third annual H2H Golf Classic

American Legion national staff is planning the third annual H2H Golf Classic at Andrews Air Force Base on Oct. 7. The golf outing benefits wounded warriors by raising money for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund.

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Implementing National Commander Jimmie's Foster new membership program

Newly elected National Commander Jimmie Foster has created the Lucky 7 pin incentive membership program. Go to http://legion.org/commander/90740/lucky-7-pin-incentive-program for details.

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