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Attending hearing on NASA Authorization Act of 2010

Legion staff is attending a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing on the NASA Authorization Act of 2010.

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Working on MEB/PEB reviews and rebuttals

Legion staffers continue to monitor the U.S. military’s Medical Evaluation Boards' and Physical Evaluation Boards’ reviews and rebuttals to ensure that veterans receive the maximum amount of benefits entitled to them.

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Attending a briefing on electromagnetic pulse

National Security-Foreign Relations Division Director Barry A. Searle is attending a briefing on electromagnetic pulse, “The necessity to protect the National Power Grid,” presented by The National Defense University Foundation. The National Power Grid, a critical infrastructure for the nation, must be protected to insure the continued prosperity of the nation.

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Processing Temporary Financial Assistance grants

The American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance Program (TFA) continues to respond to daily requests asking for assistance in providing cash grants for the basic needs of children of eligible veterans, made possible by the generosity of the Endowment Fund Corporation. More than $462,253 in TFA grants have been granted this year to date.

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Looking at ways to increase veteran employment opportunities

The American Legion is in the opening stages of developing a new strategy to help veterans get jobs and job training.

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Supporting Department of Indiana air rifle tournament

Americanism/Children & Youth staff are helping support the Department of Indiana with its air rifle tournament. The tournament will use the Orion computer-based scoring program to score and tabulate the results.

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Addressing National Conference of Insurance Legislators

Peter Gaytan, executive director of the Legion's D.C. office, is addressing the National Conference of Insurance Legislators about the need to reform the current Retained Asset Accounts for Servicemember's Group Life Insurance administered by Prudential.

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Mailing out instructions for Baseball scholarships

The National Americanism Division is mailing out its annual memo to department Baseball chairmen and department adjutants that details instructions for the application of 2011 Baseball scholarships.

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Attending TBI, psychological health conference

Denise Williams, the Legion’s assistant director for Health Policy, is attending the third annual conference on psychological health and traumatic brain injury in Boston this week. The focus of the conference is to provide information regarding mild traumatic brain injury on active-duty servicemembers and their families, drawing connections between mild TBI, post-traumatic stress and other social and psychological factors. The conference is also to help attendees understand the current Department of Defense/CENTCOM policies with regard to TBI/PTS.

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Hosting tour for USS Saint Paul Association

American Legion staff is providing an advanced site tour of National Headquarters to representatives of the USS Saint Paul Association, who will be having their national reunion in Indianapolis the summer of 2012.

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