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In Your Own Words: Books

Don't Finish Third - A Cold War Story

I never mentioned what I did or the exact location where I was stationed while serving in the USAFSS. I never planned to write about my experience. After a reunion in 2011 and encouraged by several airmen, I served with in Japan, I dragged out my B4 bag and wrote an outline. Four years later, the Don't Finish Third's eBook and softback with 33 never before seen photos, are on

Doyle's War, Save the Males

This being a Veteran’s Day issue, I thought you Legion members would be interested in a veteran-related excerpt from my book (I only wish I could afford to pay to advertise it in the TAL magazine).

Dishonoring the Honorable

A true story of how the VA actually treats our veterans’.

EXCITEMENT! Shot At And Missed

(The words of Sgt. Ken Lonn) “I can remember one time when I was going up from my gun position to see where we needed to fire next, I passed one machine gun, and the squad leader was laying there. He was shot through both upper legs, both upper arms and he had a big bandage on his head. Everyone had been wounded, and the least badly wounded was the assistant gunner!” (From Chapter 10)

Paratrooper: My Life with the 101st Airborne Division

New book just published and available at Amazon (Prime) and Barnes & Noble. The front cover is attached.

Don't Finish Third - A Cold War Story

There once was an airman from Philly Who was sent to a place rather chilly On an island he'd stay and copy away To ditties that gave him the willies.

An Airman's Journey From 1947 Enlistment through 1972: Always A New Adventure

Truly "a life well lived".


His modern tools give him a destructive capacity that rivals many states. Internet media exploitation gives him global access to the disaffected and asocial. His religious motives are non-negotiable and his license to kill is sanctioned by Allah.


Written to raise money for Fisher House Charleston, SC. Blades of Thunder is about six young Army pilots and green officers, all between 20 and 21 years old, arrive in Vietnam where they each become men, highly skilled pilots, and proficient officers within a few months. None of them will be the same after their first combat tour in Vietnam. All of them will bear the scars of war for life, either physically or mentally or both. All will be strengthened spiritually and none will ever be the same. Some will soon be dead and most will be injured or wounded within the next 12 months. One will become an amputee and all will suffer from varying degrees of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for the rest of their lives. All will become beloved brothers and all will honor their families, friends, and this great nation with their dedication, sacrifice, courage, and love of family, country, and God! The book is non-fiction and includes true war stories about the bravest of the bravest ---- our beloved Army helicopter pilots, door gunners, and crew chiefs. Paper back ISBN 978-0-578-15637-8 available through AMAZON or and eBook ISBN 978-1-4951-3906-2 available through KINDLE.