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In Your Own Words: Books

Paratrooper: My Life with the 101st Airborne Division

New book just published and available at Amazon (Prime) and Barnes & Noble. The front cover is attached.

Don't Finish Third - A Cold War Story

There once was an airman from Philly Who was sent to a place rather chilly On an island he'd stay and copy away To ditties that gave him the willies.

An Airman's Journey From 1947 Enlistment through 1972: Always A New Adventure

Truly "a life well lived".


His modern tools give him a destructive capacity that rivals many states. Internet media exploitation gives him global access to the disaffected and asocial. His religious motives are non-negotiable and his license to kill is sanctioned by Allah.


Written to raise money for Fisher House Charleston, SC. Blades of Thunder is about six young Army pilots and green officers, all between 20 and 21 years old, arrive in Vietnam where they each become men, highly skilled pilots, and proficient officers within a few months. None of them will be the same after their first combat tour in Vietnam. All of them will bear the scars of war for life, either physically or mentally or both. All will be strengthened spiritually and none will ever be the same. Some will soon be dead and most will be injured or wounded within the next 12 months. One will become an amputee and all will suffer from varying degrees of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for the rest of their lives. All will become beloved brothers and all will honor their families, friends, and this great nation with their dedication, sacrifice, courage, and love of family, country, and God! The book is non-fiction and includes true war stories about the bravest of the bravest ---- our beloved Army helicopter pilots, door gunners, and crew chiefs. Paper back ISBN 978-0-578-15637-8 available through AMAZON or and eBook ISBN 978-1-4951-3906-2 available through KINDLE.



Be Kind to One Another

Any American who is politically engaged has recently experienced discord when expressing his or her views to someone on the "opposite side." With the advent of the Internet, the 24/7 television news cycle and an explosion of radio talk shows, Americans are inundated with information about our domestic and foreign policies and instant news events around the globe. Therefore, the ability to share our opinions has never been greater; yet rational discussions about political issues with those on the opposite side have never been more limited. Why is this happening? Why are so many afraid to speak their minds? Why is hostility the reaction when you do speak your mind? Why is it important to know how someone voted in the last election? This phenomenon has affected Americans of all ages who unwittingly expressed their views. Recent studies have shown that people tend to buy homes in neighborhoods of politically like-minded residents. A very recent study of over five thousand participants shows that political views in choosing a spouse take precedence over personality and physical traits. This study adds to other research that has supported the surprising level of uniformity in the choices of where people work and with whom they socialize. This polarization does not bode well for the future of our nation. I would like to start a dialogue among your readers for this topic so they can share their similar experiences. Although this book has yet to be published, I am certain that your audience is just as concerned about the new American division, as I am.


Forty years after the fall of Saigon, the memorial stands as a tribute to all Americans who served and the 58,000 who died, but like the war itself, its design and realization provoked intense controversy.

Angels of the Night but Devils by Dark

e-book: Angels of the Night but Devils by Dark, by J.D. Bennett / available on Amazon/Kindle, BN/Nook, and all e-bokk stores. This is a mostly factual memoir about serving with a canine service member partner during the Cold War era. It includes experiences while providing security to sensitive Air Force areas but also relates antics of off-duty activites while a young man seeks to find his way while coming of age (as they say)in a European assignment. Any service member (active or veteran) will be able identify with his experiences. But the author tries to tell part of the story from (Sam's) his K-9 partners perspective and the last part provides a brief history of the military working dog with a tribute for their selfless service in defense of our nation.

The Soul of Success

Jeff Powell, a disabled veteran will team with Jack Canfield and several leading experts from various industries to release the new book, “The Soul of Success Vol 2: The worlds leading entrepreneurs and professionals reveal their core strategies for getting to the heart of health, wealth and success” by CelebrityPress.

Shot Down: The True Story Of Pilot Howard Snyder And The Crew Of The B-17 Susan Ruth

The book, Shot Down: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth was released in 2014 by Sea Breeze Publishing.

Legionnaire Publishes Book

Matthew Davenport, a member of Legion Post 1981 in North Carolina, has written a new book.

Kim Than, The General's Gold

Eight aging Viet Nam Veterans return to Viet Nam to retrieve ten tons of gold bars, one of them hid in a cave a day before he came home. You can buy it on Amazon. If you've been in Viet Nam, you'll read a lot that's familiar. If you've been in the military, you'll enjoy the book.

I'm A Brat

Being a military Brat means moving often, but this time, David Boyer is happy about it. After a horrible year with no friends, David creates a plan to reinvent himself so he can fit in. David summer takes a comical path in his search for success. Will his tormenting brother, his monstrous bike, or a string of bad luck stand in his way of making friends, or will his fortune change for the better?

Yorkie Doodle Dandy

Clevelander Bill Wynne is a 92 year old USAAF Pacific War veteran. While on New Guinea during WWII he acquired a Yorkshire Terrier that was as intelligent as they come. In addition to learning tricks and assisting Army Engineers, "Smoky" became the first "Therapy Dog" and is known worldwide. Wynee is currently contracting with a screenwriter for a movie about "Smoky."

Dearest Wife and Girls

Dearest Wife and Girls is a 374 page book that provides a glimpse into the lives of my parents during World War II.


A coming-of-age love story of the Vietnam War era.

Rendezvous Tahiti

Rendezvous Tahiti is a true story of love and war that takes place during the Viet Nam conflict.

Heroes From the Wall

When the author, John Douglas Foster was wounded while serving in Vietnam during the 1968 Tet Offensive, he received more than a piece of metal in his body, haunted memories of comrades opened his soul in a quest to learn more about those who didn't return. Sketching a fascinating portrait of the lives of those who fought and died valiantly, Foster pens a riveting and gut-wrenching read in Heroes From the Wall

Everything Changed: The VietNam War and American Culture - Lessons Not Learned

This is a study of the war as both mother and daughter to our culture and the resulting mistakes of leadership both then and now. It is a clear call to public (and veteran) participation in the formation of public policy. The book is available in Kindle format on Amazon.

Foreign Correspondent

"Foreign Correspondent" - a new book by Pattie Mosure and Steve Patten Middle East, CBS News, Far East, MIAs, POWs, CIA, War on Terror America does not leave its troops behind. This is a true story of a CBS News reporter striving to maintain that pledge. The book covers this journalist's career over 40 years in wars around the world, including today's war on terror. For more on "Foreign Correspondent," please go to To order the book, e-mail or call 1-800-533-4726.

Something Will Come Along: Witty Memoirs of a Foreign Service Officer with Nine Children

During World War II, Malcolm Lawrence was a radio operator/gunner with the 94th Bomb Group at Bury St. Edmunds, England. He was on 23 combat missions over Germany and France in a B-17G Flying Fortress bomber. Malcolm has written an enjoyable autobiography entitled "Something Will Come Along: Witty Memoirs of a Foreign Service Officer with Nine Children." His book is carried on Amazon's Kindle at $6.50.

American Spirit a novel by John Janda

I wrote a novel that can be therapeutic for veterans with PTSD.

Airborne School at the "Benning School for Boys"

Excerpts from a soon-to-be-published book, "Paratrooper: My Life with the 101st Airborne Division"

American Spirit a novel by John Janda

Hello, I'm John Janda and I wrote a book called American Spirit that I feel could be truly helpful to veterans with PTSD.

Arctic Warriors

J.B. opened his eyes as the slick slowed, banked left and began its descent. The doors and studded floor were covered in streaks of frost laid on by the ships dash through the frigid arctic air. The nose of the Huey lifted a bit as the pilot flared the ship. The doors slammed back and they jumped into the night, landing on foreign soil. Scanning the tree line they waited. Nothing; the insertion was undetected. J.B. thought, ‘their forest is no different than ours, just across the strip of water separating us, yet for me and mine this one is filled with danger.’ He gathered the squad as the Huey raced away across the Bearing. Now they were alone. Trespassers, come to kill or retrieve a traitor.

Accuracy: A Brief Guide to Precision Shooting

The Author: Frank Troy honed his marksmanship skills at the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) at Ft. Benning, GA, from 1963-65. Later, collaborating with AMU coach Bill Pullum, he co-authored three highly successful books on competitive shooting. This latest book updates his previous writings and provides new scientific insights into the deep, “invisible” principles of precision marksmanship.

Beads of Water: Finding Relief: Notes and Poems about living 70+ years with PTSD

This book gives anyone a better understanding of PTSD and describes a number of coping mechanisms to help PTSD victims as well as their providers and caretakers.

Animal Land, An Allegorical Fable of WWII

Free digital version (PDF) of book upon request. E-mail Place "Request Book" in subject line.

Not All Of Us Were Heroes - A Tribute To Those Who Served

Forrest Gump, of the Tom Hanks featured movie fame, is a name familiar to many. Movie characters are of course, just that: characters portrayed by actors and not completely genuine, though their portrayals may demonstrate some higher or nobler virtue to which we hopefully aspire. Ed Sikora is certainly not the naïve and seemingly slow-witted character played by Hanks, who nonetheless entertained and awed us through his humble genius. Sikora demonstrates those fruits of an honorable simplicity and singularity of purpose that made Gump a hero in everyone’s eyes, even though he never considered himself such. To Gump, everything he did was just “all in a day’s work”, so to speak, simply what a person needed to do. So too with Ed Sikora.

The Disabled American Veteran

Have you been denied service-connected disability benefits with the Veterans Administration (VA) in the past? Are you going to submit an application for service-connected (SC) disability benefits with VA, but are aware that many veterans become frustrated and angered by the process? Then you need the book THE DISABLED AMERICAN VETERAN

Scenes from an unremembered victory

Excerpts from a memoir.

Bill's Book

The author Bill Lively, a Federal Auditor writes about his adventures including: Adolescence, University life and football, Nancy, Military merry- go-round, and Agriculture bureaucracy.

Believing In Horses, Too

A book for military families demonstrating the power of believing, learning, working as teams, and overcoming obstacles. This Gold Medal winner in the Military Writers Society of America Book Awards will inspire and motivate readers of all ages.

A Line in the Sand

The true story of a Marine's experiences of the front lines of the first Gulf War.

Give your Parents a Standing Ovation by Dr Gybrilla Ballard-Blakes

This is an outstanding book for people that give care to their elderly or disabled love ones. It is loaded with life experience facts and resources for those that really don't know where to turn for guidance and help. It is a must read. Visit for more information

Love and Sacrifice, a Story from the Heart of America

Love and Sacrifice is the never-before-told story of a father and son killed in World War II. Their story is told through the memoirs of a wife and mother, as well as letters among family members offering intimate glimpses into their lives. Over 300 images are woven into the 340 pages of the book.

DEFCON 4 Korea, Land of the Morning Calm

The DMZ missions goes on the year 1985, the patrol is heading back to warrior base. When all hell brakes loose the North Koreans are moving towards the DMZ in a all out push. ROK and U.S. units are on full scale alert in the South and moving towards the DMZ. Could this be the start of 2nd Korean War? In DEFCON 4 Korea, Land of the Morning Calm, author Mark Heathco spends a story of alerts, patrolling, North Koreans, double agents and human trafficking happening on the Korean peninsula for sex and money, power and information for the leader of the spy/ prostitution ring and the great leader of North Korea. Mark Heathco brings to light the real and not so real events that happened or could happen while pulling the Mission up on the DMZ, but through it all the DMZ mission goes on in Korea, Land Of the Morning Calm.

America and World War I: A Traveler's Guide

It has now been a century since World War I began, but America’s role in this colossal struggle has been largely forgotten on both sides of the Atlantic. Historian and travel writer Mark D. Van Ells aims to change that. America and World War I follows in the footsteps of the Doughboy—as the U.S. soldier of the Great War was known—from the training camps of the United States to the frontlines of Europe and back again. Tracing the totality of America’s experience from the factors that led the nation to enter the war in April 1917 to the armistice in November 1918, his riveting narrative describes a military buildup on a scale the world had never seen, as well as the war’s major battles and campaigns and, throughout, it leads the traveler to the memorials erected in the Doughboys’ wake, as well as to the many places that remain unmarked and uncommemorated.


I was a USMC 1st Lt. who served in Vietnam in 1968 as a Civil Affairs officer; it was a thankless billet whose objective it was to win the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese people out in the countryside. I wrote a book about this impossible task, a book that is not infantry-centric, a book that offers a deeper, more diversified insight into the war.

Died on the Fourth of July

Honoring the men who gave their lives in Vietnam on America's birthday.

Best Little Stories from WWI

All true stories of WWI

The Only Son (one short story of book trying to get publish)

This is about my brother-in-law that was wounded and give the Purple Heart during the Vietnam War. The Picture attached is of my brother in law

The Peach Seed

Through an incredible twist of fate a KIA Marine returns to his family over twenty years after his death.

The Brain Moves: Traumatic Brain Injury in 21st Century Athletes and Combat Veterans

New Book Tackles Brain Injury in Athletes, Military Personnel Author of "The Brain Moves" examines TBI, provides theoretical and therapeutic solutions

Across the Seas...A Memoir

Born in the small Southern European country of Malta, with eleven siblings, Joseph wanted to help his parents financially in any way he could. He attempted many times without success to board ships and travel to America to ease his family's burden of raising a temperamental son. Years later after Joseph finally reaches America, he serves in three wars and works on ships earning the American residency he has been itching for for years. Struggling to raise his children, Joseph does whatever possible to provide a life for them he never had�even if it means being away for months at a time. With the help of his granddaughter, Tina Hoffman, Joseph has brought to life Across the Seas�the many years of adventure he's had out to sea and on land as he developed a deep love for the United States.

Boys State Alumnus Authors Book on Modern Military Heroes

Mark Lee Greenblatt, a Maryland Boys State participant in 1991-1992, has authored a book, Valor: Unsung Heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front (Rowman & LIttlefield).

Narrow escape

How an American truck convoy got lost around Bagdad

Maximum Devastation

Maximum Devastation is a military/espionage thriller, an action-filled story of an unthinkable conspiracy to take control of the power and oil in Iraq by planting a man-portable nuclear weapon on the English Channel Tunnel that is intended to provoke an invasion by the United States and its allies.

Free Spiritual Healing Books for Veterans

Join the FREE Veterans Healing Book Notification List at

Patton at the Battle of the Bulge: How the General's Tanks Turned the Tide at Bastogne

December 1944. For the besieged American defenders of Bastogne, time was running out....

No Silent Night: The Christmas Battle for Bastogne

On Christmas Eve, the holiest of nights for the many Christian peoples of Europe, Adolf Hitler was unleashing the full fury of his remaining Luftwaffe bomber force on Bastogne.

"Former VA Field Examiner / Investigator Publishes Book About Disabled Vets"

Former VA Field Examiner and Investigator publishes a compilation of stories about his time at the VA. Major Miguel Reece is a military veteran with more than 30 years of service in the United States Air Force, both as an enlisted member and officer, with an additional 10 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office, St. Petersburg, Florida. He is the author of The Disabled Veteran's Story.

By What Is Sure To Follow

"Don Burton's ‘By What is Sure to Follow’ takes us from carefree college days into the Vietnam War’s pit of hell, and it's a pit Mr. Burton knows something about. This book will suck you in, then punch you in the gut." — Mike Farrell, best known as BJ Hunnicutt of M*A*S*H, is the author of Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist and Of Mule and Man An untold event described in this book covers five full panels of the Vietnam Wall. 1933 Marines died in just over a 24 hour period.

Green Card Soldier

This historic novel is an adventure tale about a Bosnian teen escaping to America, becoming a soldier-citizen and returning to his homeland to help rebuild from war’s devastation… fusing fact with fiction to tell an heroic story. Check out my book website You can download and read the prologue to my historical adventure novel for free.

A Republic, if you can keep it; a chronicle of the American counterrevolution

America stands, not at a crossroads, but at the edge of an abyss. Americans are bewildered about how it has come to this...For the first time, Todd Douglas has provided Americans with a comprehensive history of how the constitutional government of the United States was undermined and ultimately destroyed. This destruction was not always deliberate, and was perpetrated by members of both the Republican and Democrat political parties that have ruled us for a century and a half.

Green Card Soldier

My novel is an adventure tale about a Bosnian teen escaping to America, becoming a soldier-citizen and returning to his homeland to help rebuild from war’s devastation… fusing fact with fiction to tell an heroic story.

Mekong Mud Dogs

Sgt. Ed Eaton a Sniper in Vietnam, in a History Channel film “Snipers: Dangerous Missions” and the LifeofDuty.TV film “Choosing Honor”. Ed, who has also been written about in numerous books and magazines has written his memoirs in words of brutal honesty. Ed takes you through his trials and tribulations of going from lowly Private to, RTO,Grenadier, Pointman, Squad Leader, Platoon Sgt. Platoon Ldr. and Sniper. While with the River Raider of the Mekong Deltas Mobile Riverine Force.

Call Sign Dracula- My Tour in Vietnam With The Black Scarves

Joe Fair’s memoir of his service as an infantryman in Vietnam with the Big Red One is a compelling, authentic, straight forward and gritty account of a year (1969) of that war. Paul H. Herbert, Ph. D. Colonel, US Army (Retired) Executive Director First Division Museum at Cantigny 1 S 151 Winfield Road Wheaton, IL 60189 Tel. (630)-260-8225 / Fax. (630)-260-9298

Hamfist At DaNang: The FAC Diaries

Part 1 and 2 of the award-winning Hamfist series: Hamfist Over The Trail and Hamfist Down!. Now with a Glossary of Terms! Hamfist Over The Trail: It’s 1968. Hamilton Hancock is the Distinguished Graduate at his Undergraduate Pilot Training class at Laughlin Air Force Base. He is on the fast track to become a fighter pilot, flying an F-100, F-105 or F-4 in Vietnam. Then, the “needs of the service” intervenes, and he is assigned to fly one of the smallest, slowest aircraft in the Air Force.

Child of the Greatest Generation, A WWII Home Front Memoir

This World War II memoir, through engaging dialogue, describes the time in America of war bond drives, food rationing, victory gardens, V-mail There were air raid drills, and citizen saving newspapers, empty food cans, and used kitchen grease in support of the war effort and warnings that "loose lips sink ships". I refer to the time I lived in the home of Lucille Ball when her husband, Desi Arnaz served as a corporal in the U.S. For further information go to:

The SADM Project

Like every man on his team, Captain Chris Holt has sworn an oath to defend America against all enemies. Yet from the moment he enters the SADM Program, Holt never considers the possibility of a domestic deployment. Dr. Heinrich Fleischer has big plans. He forms an unholy alliance with a ruthless leader of a Mexican drug cartel. In this intriguing thriller, one man must attempt to stop a psychotic serial killer before he instigates his final revenge.

Park It! Book Tells WWII Vet's Story

Step on it, but don’t speed, to get your copy of Park It! The Amazing True Adventures of Wallace Winkie, Driving Instructor (and decorated WWII 34th Division veteran). With over 200 stories of drivers’ education and classroom antics, this book will drive you to laughter. The e-book is available at

Tarnished Hero

After receiving the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in an action where three of his friends are killed by our own Air Force, Kelly releases his rage in an Air Force officer's club in Vietnam, earning him a less than honorable discharge. Returning to the U.S. Kelly embarks on a new career as an undercover narcotics agent. Before he can marry the love of his life, she is kidnapped by the same cartel that almost killed him. Will he be able to save her in time?

Character: The Ultimate Success Factor

Character has never been more important than it is in today’s government, military, and corporate environments. Built on integrity, commitment, and accountability, character contributes to success at personal and organizational levels. Based on the personal, corporate, and military experiences of Dr. J. Phillip London as well as on many other real-life examples, this book presents the time-tested lessons behind character-driven success. For more info, please visit

Enigma: A Veteran's Quest For Truth

Your job as juror is to read the evidence in this book, weigh the evidence and arrive at a verdict. Is the story you are about to experience the fabrication of a fiction writer or the perceptions of a lucid and careful researcher? The decision is yours.

Hanging up My Boots

“Hanging up My Boots” is a real page turner. It’s packed with action, intrigue, mayhem and probably a bit of lust. Yes . . . probably. Since “Hanging up My Boots” is a 365 Day Journal that was created to assist military servicemembers that are in the transition to civilian life, the story that gets written in this book is specific to its owner.

Call Sign Purple Three

Mark Heathco has written a New Book about 2nd infantry division soldiers pulling patrols inside the Korean dmz back in the mid 80”s which preserves the story of the dmzvets of the 2nd Infantry Division dmz mission. the book traces a real patrol as the perform their patrolling mission from warrior base to inside the dmz. You can order the book “Call Sign Purple Three” at or anywhere else books are sold on the net or by contacting the Author at

Warrior Turned Writer

The Jolly Shop is a delightful children's Christmas adventure that teaches children a gentle life lesson, the gift of giving, in a brand new way. Complete with Santa's legendary beasts, the majestic Saber Tooth Snow Tigers, and a mad scientist (Dr. Cringe) set on ruining Christmas, children will get lost in the powerful and magical elements that still lead to the familiar North Pole. Beautifully illustrated, author Walt Johnson, delivers a classic message about the magic of Christmas.

Find The Black Box

Find The Black Box can be a healthcare game-changer – if – I can get enough people to read it, and begin to understand that; your, your children’s, and your grandchildren’s healthcare system is broken, and no one is talking about why it is broken, and how to begin to fix it until now. This book is a well-intended challenge to every healthcare expert, and it comes from my combined experiences in military aircraft and as a squadron commander at 23, and also as a surgeon and anesthesiologist.

The Military Art of J. Thomas Leamon

A compact, soft-cover, heavily illustrated book that is a colorful variety of cartoons, sketches, paintings, models, dioramas and writings, reflecting artist Tom Leamon's fascination with war and his own experiences as a combat veteran in World War II.

Smokey Joe & the General

Autobiographical and biographical--through the lives of two extraordinary American leaders, Brigadier General John E. Wood and Lieutenant General Edward L. Rowny, a fast paced exploration of almost 40 years of some of the most fascinating innovation and leadership in America's integration of technology in military capabilities. Rowny worked for Generals Marshall, MacArthur and Eisenhower, and along with Wood, rates the leadership qualities of each in Smokey Joe & the General.

Maggie's Wars

“Maggie’s Wars is a highly charged story, with power politics on a grand scale... the frightening realistic descriptions and technical know-how is right on the mark and Phil Pisani’s skill at painting a vivid scene in the mind’s eye of the reader is excellent and packs a wallop.” William H. LaBarge author of Sweetwater Gunslinger 201, Hornet's Nest, Road to Gold and Desert Voices.

Little Moments

Story about two of the finest Cairn terriers ever and their exploits through life.

Southern Memories

"Southern Memories" is about growing up in the Great Depression in rural Mississippi. It also contains two very large chapters about my great-grandfather and other relatives who fought in the Civil War. My great-grandfather was Isaac Smith and he enlisted in the 24th Mississippi Infantry and spent four years in many major battles such as Atlanta, Lookout Mountain, Corinth, Vicksburg, etc. The unit had 1000 men in 1861 but only 25 at wars end in 1865.

STROKE OF GRACE; Knowing God's Grace in Distress and Triumph

Author Jerry Heydenberk writes specifically of his "Vietnam Combat Flying" in Ch. 5 of a book that recounts the many times he has known God's surprising grace. Heydenberk relates the three times he feared for his life in Vietnam, serving 18 months (1966-68) first at Banmethuot as 155th pilot/IO and then at Nha Trang as PIO with 17th Aviation Group. This is a must reading for anybody who ever flew a rotary wing aircraft in trying situations.

Dear Gang

Dear Gang is a collection of letters combat photographer Gary Vogt wrote home to friends and family while serving with the legendary 1st Air Cav. in Vietnam. Included in the book are over forty photographs Gary took of his basic training and his work documenting several battles and the every day life of a soldier in Vietnam.

Dear Gang, letters home from a combat photographer with the 1st Air Cav. in Vietnam.

"Dear Gang" is a collection of letters combat photographer Gary Vogt wrote from June 24 1967 to June 19 1968 while he was attached to the legendary 1st Air Cav. in Vietnam. They paint a picture of a soldier's eye view of America's most divisive conflict since the Civil War. The letters are written to family and friends back home in Connecticut. He tries to shield his mother from the reality of the war while being more forthcoming with his father, a combat veteran of the Second World War.

Saving Tres Rios

Retired Air Force Sergeant Robert Madden thought the war was behind him, but he entered Tres Rios, New Mexico, and a new war was just beginning. When Madden stops in Tres Rios on his way to California to pursue a doctorate in education, he runs into a local drug lord and halts all of his plans. To escape from a corrupt police force and legal action, Madden is given a choice in punishment--state prison or a year teaching troubled kids at a rural school. Protecting his students and to survive.

Out of the Trap

WWII & Korean War Silver Star Veteran Billy DeVasher Releases Book: “Out of the Trap." Inspirational story of survival, breaking free from life’s traps, and experiencing victory.

Parent Power: The Key to America's Prosperity

Why do we permit babies to be born with one, two, and three strikes against them in the America? At some point in their lives, half of all children born in the United States will have lived in one-parent homes, primarily headed by women. More than half of them will live in poverty for a time and will continue the cycle of family disadvantage. The U.S. ranks 18th of 21 Western countries in overall child well-being. 5 children die daily from abuse in the U.S.

Smokey Joe & the General

A combination biography of my first boss in the Army, Col. John E. Wood, and autobiography. Col. Wood was the best trainer in the Army, and a generation ahead of his time. The book covers my 39 years of service in the Army, including combat in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Also, my 11 years as chief negotiator of strategic arms and adviser to President Ronald Reagan, who awarded me the Presidential Citizen's Medal as one of the chief architects of "peace through strength."

Last Chance, A U.S. Airman's Story

To my knowledge "Last Chance, a U.S. Airman's Story" is the only book published about the ground based airmen who served during the Vietnam Conflict. The book has elements of every human emotion - sadness, happiness, fear, anger, disgust, surprise - and some stories will have you rolling with laughter. The book is full of history and would be of interest to anyone that is or was in the military.

This Page Intentionally Left Back FM 101 Knuckleheads

I’d been with the battalion for a year or so when I met the dumbest kid I’ve ever known (who wasn’t medically diagnosed as “mentally challenged,” that is). This knuckleheaded soldier working in the proscribed load list (PLL or shop office) was the kind of soldier who’d ask his sergeant, “What time is the fifteen hundred formation?” One time my shop got the mission to provide one soldier for a range detail, which is normally a rather monotonous detail in which a soldier assists...

GAME ON! The Nicaraguan War Chronicles Book 1

The United States of America has not won a war since WWII. There exists no public record of some clandestine actions. They are still denied. To some men who bear the physical and emotional scars of those hush-hush missions, bitter memories are etched deep. For some, not a day goes by without remembering the heat of battle. The hope of easing anguish far outweighs facing possible censorship and public ridicule. This is one man’s story who served on the Nicaraguan Defense Mission.

Turbulent Waters

You thought CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, starring Tom Hanks, was a blockbuster? Try TURBULENT WATERS, the new action/suspense thriller based on true events in hardcopy and eBook for a supernova of a ride!

Diary of a Vet's Wife, Loving and Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The sound of shattering glass severed the silence. Eyes wide in terror, I searched the darkness, paralyzed in fear. Streaks of streetlight edged the mini-blinds, no prowling shadows outside the windows. Slipping out of bed, I tiptoed across the bare wood floor. Pounding blood echoed in my ears. I made my way to the doorway and edged out into the hall. With my back tight to the wall I inched forward, straining to hear any sound or movement. There...a muffled noise...behind my bedroom door...

Golden Ghetto: How the Americans & French Fell In & Out of Love During the Cold War

Considering the suspicions, jealousies, bigotry, and crass opportunism inherent whenever one foreign power occupies another, Golden Ghetto: How the Americans and French Fell In and Out of Love During the Cold War pieces together an improbable tale of how fear and skepticism were crushed by trust and friendship.


"Puff" is a biography of World War II veteran, Heinz G. Puff, who served with the 32nd Division in the South Pacific. His own story, as told to author Paul Devantier, recounts his immigration to the United States, his war years, his professional career as a Milwaukee, Wisconsin police officer, his marriage and family, his retirement in northern Wisconsin, and the unusual twist of having a brother who ended up on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.

To Elinor, a romance in two voices

I lifted an envelope from the banker's box. A dull green propeller-driven airplane flew in a stationary bombing raid on the corner stamp. I slipped the sheet of onionskin from the envelope, and it unfolded in my hands. My father's handwriting. 1941. To Elinor. After reading the hundreds of pages of letters my father sent home during WWII, trying to convince his One Love, Elinor, to marry him instead of her other suitors (or the two men to whom she was engaged), I wrote their story.

South From Corregidor

On the evening of 6 May, 1942, hours after US Army General Jonathan Wainwright surrendered all US and Filipino forces on the island of Corregidor and other fortified islands in Manila Bay to the Imperial Japanese Army, 18 US Navy sailors from USS Quail began their daring escape to freedom. Using a 36-foot motor launch, the 18 sailors, led by Lieutenant Commander John Morrill began their amazing 2000 mile journey through Japanese infested waters.

Cold Warrior, Memoirs from the Midwatch

Upwards of 20 million Americans served in the military during the Cold War. Few of those have been lauded, honored or even remembered. One of these unsung Cold Warriors stands his watch from midnight to six in the morning on a nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. As he fights against boredom and weariness, he reflects back on how he got here and his experiences in Vietnam. All this is intermingled with the very serious business of being in charge of one of the country’s most lethal deter


This is the story of a boy who grew up in the Great Depression Era. He was a member of his high school's football team and he showed promise. But his father, being very traditional, expected him to get a job and help the family once he turned fourteen. He was pulled out from school and sent to work but as fate would have it, something unbelievable came in the way.

Arab-Islamic Groups and Organizations (From Muhammad to the present)

US- based Iraq native, Saul Silas Fathi, releases educational and informative book ofArab-Islamic Groups and Organizations. While his childhood saw him smuggled from Iraq to Israel, Saul Silas Fathi’s iron-clad spirit did not stop him from immigrating to the US and serving as a high-level executive with many Fortune-500 companies. Now in retirement but determined to achieve further success, Fathi has used his world-class abilities to compile an enlightening book of Arab-Islamic Groups and Orgs.

Glossary of Arabic Terms: An Islamic Dictionary

Glossary of Arabic terms: An Islamic Dictionary (ISBN: 978-0-9777117-4-1) Glossary of 1,500+ Arabic words and Islamic Dictionary, including the Qur'an and Hadith.

Islamic Leaders: Their Biographies & Accomplishments (From Muhammad to the present)

US-Based Iraq Native, Saul Silas Fathi, Releases Compelling Biography of 420+ Islamic Leaders. While his childhood saw him smuggled from Iraq to Israel, Saul Silas Fathi’s iron-clad spirit didn’t stop him from immigrating to the United States and serving as a high-level executive with many Fortune-500 companies. Now in retirement but determined to achieve further success, Fathi has used his world-class abilities to compile a fascinating biography of over four hundred noted Islamic leaders.

History of The Jews and Israel

History of the Jews and Israel is 4,000 years of history in 74 pages.

Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the Return

Winning the 2005 Military Writers Society of America 2005 Bronze Medal, my autobiography, Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the Return, chronicles a prominent Iraqi Jewish family’s escape from persecution through the journey of one family member: a 10-years old boy (Fathi). After a harrowing escape from Iraq through Iran, this boy begins a life-long search for meaning and his place in the world.

Nine from Aberdeen: U.S. Army Bomb Disposal in the Second World War

Shortly after Pearl Harbor, nine Americans traveled to wartime England in order to study bomb disposal methods. Thomas J. Kane and his handful of ordnancemen were entitled to wear distinctive British insignia on their American uniforms. They were among the first pioneers of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). Originally trained to defend the U.S., Kane's elite branch realized its fullest potential overseas. Over 200 squads supported U.S. Army operations across the globe. This is their story.

Dear Mom and Dad: Letters from a Soldier

In 1953, I joined the Army. As everyone should, I wrote home. Years later, I found that my mother, who died in 1963, had kept my letters. So I copied them, and I added comments and photographs. Together, they make a diary of those three years. All the letters were written by a boy in his late teens. I am proud to say that very little editing was necessary.


We live by the best landfill ever. I flipped my dirt bike there once. Plus I've got a sketchbook full of uranium monsters. My friend Cornpup likes to show off the weird bumps on his back for a dollar. And Charlie, he'll drink red creek water on a dare.

Divine Fate - A True Story

Army infantryman Paul Pinkerton returns from the Vietnam War angry and haunted by the past. Sandy Campbell struggles to make sense of her tragic childhood. By chance their worlds collide one Valentine's Day, setting them on a remarkable journey together.

Letters Home: A Paratrooper's Story

Last August, a movie captured theater audiences with its gripping story of the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team's dangerous mission in the height of World War II. The story behind Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed is a true story, inspired by a book by L. Vaughn Curtis called Letters Home: A Paratrooper's Story

A Battlefield Promotion

This is a story of war and love and basic decency and friendship in the Pacific Field of Operation. A Battlefield Promotion by Lowell D. Emenhiser, Diane M. Boyd (Editor) Nook Book $2.99 Kindle Edition $2.99

Brave Hearts and Their Cradles - A Pictorial Presentation of Native American Cradleboards

A book featuring Native American cradlebords. Cradleboards are often referred to as a papoose carrier in the white culture. These utiltarian objects of art and affection were used for safety of the baby for transportation of the baby by the mother. Each tribe constructed their cradles in a manner that represented their tribal art and the best design for the mother to use as a carrier. Each cradle was made from the natural materials that grew in the environment in which they lived. .

Postcard Memories From World War II: Finding Lost Keepsakes 70 Years Later

What began as a hobby of collecting postcards written by soldiers during World War II has become a book that captures the joys and sorrows of those soldiers and their loved ones left at home to worry and to wait.

TAKE CHARGE!; Americanism and Leadership Explained

This book is an instruction for those who sense a better,future, It defines leadership, natural law, where are we, work, education, government, health & wealth and where we should be going. A great people will have faced and solved great problems. Great leaders are the result of the high expectation of an informed and demanding electorate. It is efficient for one to move the many into the future. This book defines Americanism...our Yankee heritage. ...Our 'can do' attitude.

Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes, Why America's Army Succeeds

American soldiers are warriors, diplomats, and heroes - leaders, thinkers, and doers. They are courageous and tenacious, disciplined and focused, thoughtful and selfless. Through their dedication and sacrifice America's Army has built an unparalleled legacy of achievement. The experiences of soldiers individually, and the achievements of the Army collectively offer valuable lessons. These hard won lessons apply to circumstances far removed from the battlefield. Learn why America's Army success.

Tough Care

A tender and honest account of a husband caring for his dying spouse, Tough Care, by Bernard Mooney offers advice and support to those in, or about to face, similar situations. His wife Celia proudly served in the US Army Women’s Corps during the Vietnam Era. Years later, however, she was stricken by serious illnesses that caused her to deteriorate from a young and vivacious soldier, woman, wife, and mother, to a severely incapacitated homecare patient.

Angels On Our Shoulders

At the age of seventeen, I enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Force and was on active duty, February 22, 1944, two weeks after age eighteen. This interrupted my college education. Our crew represented eleven different states. The B-29 Superfortress was the most awesome bomber of WWII. On arrival at Saipan, we were assigned to the 73rd Bomb Wing, sooth Bombardment Group, 883rd Squadron. Each round trip mission to Japan was 3,000 miles over the ocean.

The Forgotten 500

I am a retired Senior Master Sargeant from the United Stated Air force. I served proudly from 1950 to 1972. I was given credit for my Korean War Service by preforming duties with the 529th ACW Sqdn,529th ACW Group, 20th Air Force on Okinawa late 1951 and early 1952. B-29 Bombers were flying daily missions over Korea at that time. I served with the Director of Materials Office, Headquarters 7th Air Force at TanSon Nhut Air Base, Siagon, Vietnam from April 1966 to May 1967 .

Before I Forget

Ever wish you'd had the chance to visit with your Dad or Grandfather and talk about their time in the service during World War II? Here is the author's response to his daughters' request for that story. From the new recruit to the bombing missions over Europe through the dark period as a Prisoner of War, the author's story unfolds in a straightforward manner with pathos and humor. It will find a place in your library of favorites. Available at

A Diamond on The Wall - Memoir of the Youngest Green Beret in Vietnam (1967-1968)

At the official website for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, description is given regarding the symbols that either precede or follow each of the 58,272 names that are indelibly etched into The Wall. This is the story of how three American Green Berets (of which I was one), along with 160 Montagnard Strikers, succeeded in accomplishing what a Battalion of the 4th Division could not do - and in the process, insured that A Diamond on The Wall precedes the name of one fallen American Warrior.

Walking The Tiger's Path: A Soldier's Spiritual Journey in Iraq

Imagine practicing meditation amidst the violence and chaos of war. Sergeant Kendel documented his experiences in the award-winning memoir Walking the Tiger’s Path: A Soldier’s Spiritual Journey in Iraq. Published in 2011, the book has received multiple awards, including: Nautilus Silver Award; International Book Award; and USA Book News Best Books Award.

New Book Details Effort to Secure Omaha Beach on D-Day

"Intact: A First-Hand Account of the D-Day Invasion from a Fifth Rangers Company Commander" is an eyewitness account of the landing of the Fifth Ranger Infantry Battalion on Omaha Beach during the Normandy Invasion. Told from the viewpoint of Company Commander John C. Raaen, Jr., the book draws heavily from several period documents written by Raaen during and shortly after the war and details precise locations of events wherever possible.

Piloted to Serve: Memoirs of World War II Veteran Rebecca Chung

This 240-page book is the autobiography of World War II U.S. Veteran Rebecca Chung, a Nurse with the Flying Tigers and the U.S. Army (under Chennault in Kunming, China) and then China National Aviation Corporation based in India. Including photos and documents, it covers her medical work during Japanese air raids and her flights across the Hump (Himalayas) between India and China, in addition to her Hump romance, sacrifices and Christian faith. A Foreword by Mrs. Anna Chennault is included.

The Deguello - The A-Team that started a War

Based on the incredible true story-- Read the new book about the first Special Forces A-Team into Afghanistan after 9/11. "The Mission of a Lifetime!" --AirForce Times A incredible history of Green Beret's waging Unconventional Warfare during the opening salvo of Operation Enduring Freedom. Available now @

The American Connection to the sinking of HMS Dasher

What caused the horrific explosion? Who was to blame? Why were bodies buried in a deep pit? Why was the Dasher disaster shrouded in secrecy? The shocking scandals are all revealed in this real life drama, meticulously recorded by the authors over long years of unwavering research. It is heart-rending and shocking and involves intrigue, duplicity, secrecy and perhaps most shocking off all, disrespect for next-of-kin who were denied information about what happened to the crew of Dasher.

Operation: Military Resource

Are you looking for help for your military life? Maybe you need help with ways to solve emergency situations or find educational assistance. This book will quickly become your go-to resource for everything that could happen in your military life! This book is full of thousands of up-to-date resources and organizations that were created with one specific goal in mind: To help military families past and present!

Texas Fight: The History of Army ROTC at The University of Texas at Austin

This book represents the first in-depth academic study of UT Army ROTC. It covers not only the years since 1947 when Army ROTC arrived, but the book also addresses the numerous fights going back to the 1920s as to whether UT should host an ROTC unit. Texas Fight will be of interest both to UT ROTC graduates, regardless of branch, and to non-ROTC Texas Exes interested in their alma mater’s history. Students of campus-based officer training will also find the work an interesting case study.

Cyber Styletto

A malicious computer network attack on a traffic management system in California causes the deaths of eight innocent people. Yvonne Tran, a former black hat computer hacker now working as a contractor for a government agency called CyberCom, is called in to investigate. Tran and her team - composed of former military Special Forces and civilian computer experts - must pinpoint the location where the probe originated and stop the perpetrators before they launch their next attack on Christmas Day.

Terrorists and the Terchova Treasure - In My Brother's Place

My wife and I were trapped between Tangiers and Madrid on 9/11. Our experiences motivated me to write a story not only about the tragedy of that day, but how we as a nation need to regain our patriotism and can-do spirit if we are to pass on our freedoms and opportunities to future generations. We are distracted by many minor events and material concerns that lead us nowhere. My story is dedicated to the civilian and military defenders of our nation from its origin to the present day.

Operation Highjump: The diary of a young sailor

Serving on Admiral Byrd's team for the Antarctic Expedition at the end of WW II was a privilege that only a handful of sailors would enjoy. Experience first hand, through the eyes of 19 year old Richard "Dick" Miller, the daily events aboard the S.S. Pine Island. The harsh conditions, the dangerous missions, the fun and friendships that occurred kept these men on their toes! A preview of the book resides here:


When I looked at the bulletin board at March Field during the autumn of 1942, I was stunned to learn I'd been assigned to the First Motion Picture Unit in Culver City, CA. And I had no idea why. This story is excerpted from BEYOND HOLLYWOOD: A Memoir of Fate, Luck, the Unexplained & Living the American Dream. The book is available at

Radar Man

I served in the Navy as an instructor in the Radio and Radar Technicians School on Chicago's Navy Pier during World War II. I have published an autobiographical book that describes events in my life that helped me enjoy over 40 years as an aerospace engineer and physicist. It is available in print and electronic forms from Amazon. It is titled "Radar Man, A Personal History of Stealth". I believe that you would enjoy reading it. Edward Lovick, Jr.

Community Economic Literacy

We veterans served for numerous reasons and left the service with some expectations. In my post military and post college years, I have learned that most Americans are functionally illiterate when it comes to civics and the economic activities of their communities. Improving this knowledge is essential to our economic futures. Please join me in the effort. I have written Community Economic Literacy and created the AMERICAN PIE seminar to address the problem. Visit me at

Patriot Heart

Read the poignant and informative letters written by a true patriot from the Civil War battlefields. George Ashworth Cobham was an immigrant who became a Brevet Brigadier General in the Civil War. He has given us insight, with over a hundred personal letters to his family depicting the horror and carnage of the land he loved. His correspondence documents his travels through major battles of the Civil War.

An American Experience, The First Ninety-Three Years

An autobiography of a life covering 80% of the 20th century and 10% of the 21st. The story of a LA farm boy who went to school in a covered wagon but became a prominent trial attorney during 6 administrations in the U. S. Department of Justice, after servicing on the staff of RAdm. Durgin in the Medit. and during the major battles of the Pac. (CVE's). Book in hardback. Also covers pro bono work in genealogically based orgs such as NSSAR (former Pres. DCSSAR). Kamikaze at Okinawa

Every Thought of You, A Sailor's Love Letters from the Pacific World War II

Paul L. Edwards' almost 700 love letters to his bride during World War II are compiled into a 684 page book telling his Navy "Seabee" story from Boot Camp and the South Pacific. Re-live life during the war.

Lieutenant Henry: Memoir of a Marine

1968 was a defining year in our country’s history - Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, free love, Vietnam protests, Black Power and the dawn of the drug culture were in full stride. It was also the year that a young college student decided to transfer from the Navy to the Marine Corps; The metamorphosis of a student to a combat officer. The odyssey takes you from training to Vietnam. There is never a dull moment. The journey is both fast paced and intense.

90 Percent: A Memoir of My Demise and Rise

Jasper Beamon, a retired Navy CEO "receives an ominous e-mail from his soul mate telling him that she is about to publish a book about their relationship which sends Jasper into a neurotic tailspins where he is forced to examine his life. But will he?" 90 Percent: A Memoir of My Demise and Rise is a literary novel sizzling with passion and crackling with humor. It is intertwined with romance, political commentary, history and pop culture.


If you'd like to know what makes Pakistani politics tick, and to uncover its culture of conspiracy and betrayal, you'll enjoy this good read.


You can achieve your life’s dream, if you commit your life to Jesus Christ, and be reborn in the Holy Spirit, and focus all of your energy on your goal. Dr. Rick Scarnati in SOUL EXPLOSION tells how he accomplished the impossible by giving his life to Jesus and becoming “SUPERCHARGED” by the Holy Spirit.

Patriots Among Us: Never Forget

“There he is in the white shirt, fifth from the end…” So begins the bloody nightmare. Dewey Dunkkin thought his covert past was long forgotten, but there’s a Russian sniper out there who doesn't believe in forgetting… or in America’s national security. He believes in revenge, and is determined to kill well as bring down the U. S. Presidency. Sexcapades, conspiracies, and a wake of murders...Dewey’s patriotic saga will have you laughing, guessing and on the edge of your seat.

Tiger Hound, How We Won the War and Lost the Country

A first person history of the Vietnam War.


Hundreds of lives were saved from Kamikaze attacks against ships that were supporting the battle at Okinawa due to the action taken by the US Navy and their allies flying from Aircraft Carriers against the nearby SAKISHIMA islands. For 82 days plus, fighters and bombers attacked Kamikaze airfields in order to neutralize them.Overshadowed by the raging ground war battles at Okinawa, little has ever been written about the air action that took place at the same time at Sakishima islands until now.

"I’m Praying Hard for You” – Love Letters to a Death Camp

Jo wrote to Bill on Nov. 5, 1941. Darling: Five days gone & each worse than the one before. Our model child goes to sleep right after 6 & sleeps thru the night so it is plenty quiet. Where are you? (Don't you wish you knew?) I do.

"Hardest Job in the U.S. Navy Seabees”

A sniper was terrorizing our camp at Tent City in Quang Tri for more than 30 days. If we lit a cigarette after dark we were likely to be targets for a sniper shot. We used a red lens in our flashlights at night if we went to the outhouse or shower so we would not be an easy target. We were quite relieved when the Marines propped up this dead Viet Cong sniper on the barbed wire fence outside our mess tent for all of us to see as we exited from breakfast. The Marines did their job.