VA Disability Compensation Benefits - It's Your Entitlement

The definitive coaching guide for Veterans and Service members filing VA Disability Compensation Claims. To the uninitiated, the VA’s Disability Compensation claims process can seem a daunting and sometimes frustrating endeavor. This is no doubt reinforced by the negative news stories that have plagued VA in the last year. However, I am asking you to put aside the negative publicity because you have much to gain in furthering your understanding of the claims process.

Hospital Dogs

My Basset Hound Sophy.


A true story of a US Army combat soldier sent to fight in Vietnam in 1968. Coming home he is taunted by war protesters, conscientious objectors and friends who oppose the war. Internalizing his anger he sets out on a course of self-destruction. On the brink of suicide he has a near-death experience that will set him on a path of recovery. But, his healing over the war won't start until he is reunited with his lost war buddies forty years later.

Primary Candidates

Three politicians jockey for position in the early part of 2008. Senator Robert Fox has already secured his party’s nomination, but Senators Jeannette Freddo Reynolds and Thaddeus Tasman are locked in a dogfight for theirs. A load of highly dangerous weapons is in transit from the Arizona manufacturer to Fort Hood, Texas. A very sophisticated hijack plot interrupts their journey and the President, his Cabinet, and the U.S. military have to figure out how to get them out of the wrong hands. Early in his first of three tours in Vietnam, Detective Hunter Morgan learned never to say the following: “Well, things can’t get any worse than this!” They can and do when a sniper starts shooting in Baltimore. Railroad catastrophes, take place on both sides of the country and terrorists strike two major American airports, driving the elections news into the background temporarily, until one of the primary candidates turns up missing . . . last seen with a Secret Service Agent.


In this riveting and colorful account profusely illustrated by personal letters and a FACEBOOK page of almost 300 photos, CAPTAIN, INFANTRY provides a unique eyewitness panorama of the actions and activities of a U.S. Army ROTC infantry officer during his two-year, active duty assignment in South Korea and in South Vietnam during the mid-1960s. Specifically, the narrative portrays his numerous jobs, assignments, and duties as an infantry officer, his living conditions and daily lifestyle, his participation in prominent military operations and combat missions in Vietnam, and various graphic accounts and descriptions of the culture and peoples of Asia. Finally, within the book to supplement his recollections, enlighten the reader, and provide a more accurate overall view of the actions and specific military operations of the war, numerous detailed and descriptive insights from scholarly research are inserted throughout the text from the works of prominent military historians and credible eyewitnesses.

21 Months, 24 Days

21 MONTHS, 24 DAYS by Richard Udden is a new memoir about a blue-collar kid’s journey to the Vietnam War and back...

Dishonoring the Honorable

Dishonoring the Honorable I am an 81 year old Korean War veteran. I have written a book to inform the general public about the CORRUPTION in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. 99% of them have no idea, because they don’t have to deal with the VA. Also I have 20 plus years of experience fighting for my service-connected benefits. Hopefully the information and suggestions will help veterans with their claims and benefits that veterans and family members might not be aware of. Review my book at

An Officer's Story: A Political Military Journey

This book is an intellectual journey. It is based in the fundamental Middle-American values and opinions, good and bad, of the happy days of the fifties.

Don't Finish Third - A Cold War Story

I never mentioned what I did or the exact location where I was stationed while serving in the USAFSS. I never planned to write about my experience. After a reunion in 2011 and encouraged by several airmen, I served with in Japan, I dragged out my B4 bag and wrote an outline. Four years later, the Don't Finish Third's eBook and softback with 33 never before seen photos, are on

Doyle's War, Save the Males

This being a Veteran’s Day issue, I thought you Legion members would be interested in a veteran-related excerpt from my book (I only wish I could afford to pay to advertise it in the TAL magazine).