"CANDY" True Tales of a 1st Cavalry Soldier in the Korean War and Occupied Japan

Touching new memoir from Korean War Veteran Kenneth J. LaRue about growing up in Norfolk, NY and his experiences of being a 1st Cavalry Soldier in the Korean War and Occupied Japan.

Great Americans: The Founders

Great Americans: The Founders, the first volume in a new series of e-books, is about Americans who changed history. It is suitable for history buffs who want a quick refresher or for younger readers who are new to the study of the colonial and Revolutionary War era.


This book is about how to survive being a combat veteran and how to adjust to coming home a hero; high expectations of service while you yourself being one of the walking wounded. My first book has the history of what made me who I am; the life and times of my family struggling to survive World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. In my next book I will be dealing with obesity and its causes, understanding post traumatic stress disorder as a natural reaction issues to the cruelty of human conflict. And some things you may not know about brain tumors. The traditional actions that you can take for longevity and the things that I learned to overcome health.

Warrior: From Nazi Occupied Holland to the Jungles of Vietnam

“I …learned that sick prisoners in the concentration camp were injected with typhoid in the heart to make room for other patients. About one month after Dad {thus} passed away, the camp was freed by the British.” [Experiences from World War II] “The enemy, whether guerrillas or North Vietnamese army units, were always able to engage us when most opportune for them; hence their successes in ambushes. We had learned some effective counter tactics, but we always took casualties.” [Experiences in Vietnam] “Stores with smashed windows were on fire and people were running in the street with appliances and TVs which were surely not paid for. I was appalled by the lawlessness and the chaos and I thought to myself “How did I get so lucky to go from Vietnam into this mess?” [Washington, DC in the late sixties.]

Dueling in Death's Backyard

"I locked horns with the VA hospital chief of Staff last year over an incompetent VA nurse, Shaleena White. She should have been fired or at least transferred out of the ICU." I knew it was virtually impossible to fire anyone from a civil service protected VA position. "Twice I found corpses at least 6 hours dead with normal vital signs charted until just before I came by on morning rounds. There was no way they had any blood pressure when the chart said their vital signs were normal."

"The Adventures of a Helicopter Pilot, Flying the H-34 in Vietnam for the USMC"

I am a member of American Legion Post Number 1, Shanghai, China, in exile. From July 1966 to August 1967 I flew 750 hours in Vietnam. I rescued about 375 wounded Marines. I got a purple heart, 22 air medals and a Navy Com with Combat V for volunteering to be a FAC for an operation. I returned with a bad case of PTSD and I write about how it affected my life and how I finally overcame it.

Letters to the Editor - Denied

Has anyone ever taken any position of employment with the sole intent of benefiting others while remaining stagnant in their own growth potential? Have you or someone close to you been party to such treatment? How many lives does it require in losses while fighting for the freedoms granted us through our own Constitution in order to maintain them? When we lose any of those very freedoms,how many lost lives are then dishonored by such actions? Have the few decreeing the needs of the many not been negligent in their fields of vision and thus created the dilemmas that confront our daily battles to merely survive? Will a strong voice and the might of mere words prove themselves over the power of the sword then? Does that very weapon not lie in reach of every American citizen to take up and utilize at every inconvenience? That is an answer of which only you can provide! Can you ascertain whether or not these questions are loaded in any way?

Dance of the Chameleon

A Journey through the Vietnam War through the eyes of a Combat Medic.

VA Disability Compensation Benefits - It's Your Entitlement

The definitive coaching guide for Veterans and Service members filing VA Disability Compensation Claims. To the uninitiated, the VA’s Disability Compensation claims process can seem a daunting and sometimes frustrating endeavor. This is no doubt reinforced by the negative news stories that have plagued VA in the last year. However, I am asking you to put aside the negative publicity because you have much to gain in furthering your understanding of the claims process.

Hospital Dogs

My Basset Hound Sophy.