The Vets Are All Gone

The vets are all gone who served in WWI.

For My Scouts

West Fargo, ND

What do you see..?

A Vietnam veterans struggles in society.

Dear Mary

Mary and Joe have known many wars through-out the years.

Wings of Gold

Poem about the loss of a soldier in battle

Sonnet Dedicated to Wilbur Wanamaker

A sonnet dedicated to my father and the rest of The Greatest Generation.

Hero's Among Us

Heros Among Us

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Five years ago poet Frances Richey sat down to write a poem to honor members of the Oregon National Guard as they returned from the largest overseas deployment since World War II. She had agreed to write the poem to support the Military Family Scholarship Endowment at Clackamas Community College.

One More Name On The Wall

A veteran's visit to a memorial, and the peculiar old man he meets there.

"I am an American Soldier"

Through the centuries we have asked who can we send, who will serve? Those called are strong and will not cower. They are American soldiers.