The Death of Sons

Cindy asked President Bush, "Why did my son have to die in Iraq?"

A Lucky Person

A Lucky person....

Saltwater Cemetary

At 93 years of age, Ed continues to be active in his life, belonging to the American Legion in Lincoln City, Oregon. The last Pearl Harbor survivor in Lincoln County, he seeks to educate others of his WWII experiences and his childhood introduction to war at the age of 17 at Pearl Harbor

From an Old Veteran; A Man Holding Up a Sign; Flying for Fun

From an Old Veteran - A proud veteran compliments the younger soldiers A Man Holding Up a Sign - A homeless veteran is recognized by someone who also served Flying for Fun - A young veteran learns that flying is not so much fun while in a mission in Vietnam

Poppies & Roses

We all know the significance of the Red Poppy. A new American Legion group, the Legion of the Silver Rose, started in Tombstone, AZ by the local American Legion Riders, is a group dedicated to honoring those victims of Agent Orange who have essentially been injured, but without the recognition for those who are awarded the well-deserved Purple Heart. The L.S.R. has since expanded into Southern California. The Silver Rose is our insignia.


The experience felt when a sudden flashback takes a hold of your mind.

Poppy of Remembrance

As I am Retired Air Force and an author and poet, I wanted to write a poem about the sacrifices represented by the poppy.

The Men at the Wall

The men at the Wall Aren't really there at all The names the faces the stories they told

Wings of Gold

Reflections of Vietnam

This Is Where I Leave You

The Vietnam War was a dark time for our nation. We turned our backs on the men and women that went to war for what they thought was right. Instead of being honored upon their return home, they were spat on and uniforms torn from their bodies. This poem is for those patriots that served our country when others would not.