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In Your Own Words: Poetry

Freedom's Price

Everyone is aware of the sacrifice required to fight in a war. To leave your family, to risk your life. This poem is about my cousin, who willingly made this sacrifice, and the thoughts of his family, worrying about their loved one as he fought for our freedom.


With D-Day approaching, I wanted to submit this poem that I actually wrote several years ago, but have yet to share. I know it's impossible to imagine what the men that landed on those beaches saw and experienced, but it's crucial that we take time to reflect and appreciate their sacrafice and selflessness as best we can. These words in this poem are dedicated to that effort... "...The pillboxes ahead lit with sinister glow, And the bullets poured down like a murderous snow, The water turned to blood and the blood ran like water, The scene certainly Hell, had it only been hotter..."

Blissful Verses & Rhymes of Sorrow, Poetry Nights @ the American Legion

Four Years of Poetry Nights at the American Legion, a gathering local residents and expats from all nations meet once a month to share original or published verses, short stories, essays, literary experiences at Alan Seeger Post #2, in Mexico City.

I Still Served in the American legion

The reason why we joined.


On the way home from a donation trip at Wadsworth VA in Los Angeles, with kids from my high school from Moorpark, CA, I scribbled these few lines after reflecting what I saw at the Old Soldiers Home.


A great poem written by a 10th Special Forces Vietnam Veteran.


By God's grace we prevailed.

A Solderi's Request

This poem is at the Veteran's Museum, San Diego, CA; Flanders Field, Belgium; Arlington National Cemetery; Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, France; and in Normandy, France.

Tip of the Spear

"Tip of the Spear" is a poem that begins with the war in Iraqi sands and ends with the gritty war within. It was a war we carried home, to breathe and eat and not sleep to. It was a war we cannot bury while alive, for strong breezes of emotion and memory kick it back up in our faces, unexpectedly. The war is a part of our identify, as much as our teeth and jaw bone. And when the veterans of this war take it all to their graves, will the younger generation not fight a new one but find a path to peace instead?

Headin' Home

This is a poem about leaving Viet Nam.


For my Father who served in Vietnam I wrote this for all who served in Vietnam, for all the pain they suffered coming home to a country that placed blame on these great Men and Women who fought and died for us all.


For my Father who served in Vietnam I wrote this for all who served in Vietnam, for all the pain they suffered coming home to a country that placed blame on these great Men and Women who fought and died for us all.

Born An American

My poem (Born An American) turned song (Forever An American)

Honoring the Family

This poem is dedicated to my neighbor and Any family that has lost a loved one while serving Our Beloved Country.

Fallen Angels

This poem is a tribute to our American soldiers.

It Had To Be Love

A poem about the love of a serviceman and his girl and being separated during the war.

Memorial Day 2014

I wish to salute all the fallen heroes of all conflicts past, present and future.

When God Calls the Soldier Home

Written to pay homage to our fallen heroes.

What a Veteran Deserves

Proud US Citizen, S.A.L. Member, Army JROTC Cadet, and Future Navy Sailor of 2015

A Hero to me

This poem was written for my father, USN retired L C Albertson, for fathers day 1988. Rest in peace dad.

Faithful To My Memorias

A poem about my girl/wife while I was enlisted in the Army

Born An American

My poem turned award winning song (Forever An American)

Nothing More!

We judged the guilty, propped up the weak, Fed the poor and urged the meek. Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, We were the people in uniform.

My Navy Whites

a poem dedicated to the young men that died in Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona and all that were there on Battleship row


Poem to honor my grand daughter when she was in Iraq

Saying Goodbye

poem written about a soldier in the Vietnam war

Beauty and Rest

See the water and all the little rainbows as the rain falls on a sunny day.

A Solder’s Plight

Dedicated to all the wives with love ones in the fight

A Solder’s Dream

Some of you might remember these nights. Maybe it will bring back some old memories.

A Stranger's Hero

A poem for Veteran's day. In dedication of everything they have done and for who they did it for.

The War News

During WWII the war news wasn't the same as today. There seemed to be much more interest and concern. I was a five year old but I sensed the importance.

Zipper Light

...a soldier's spirit rises as the zipper of a Body Bag is closed

I owe a debt

A poem for the American Veterans.


A poem entitled "Independence".

The Battle

A poem entitled "The Battle".

The Vietnam Wall

A heart rendering moment

"Baby On The Way"

The poem "Baby On The Way" was written on August 27, 2012 by Les L. White.


I've lived the life of an Infantryman, It's a sad story that may make you wail. If the hells of war frighten you, Then please do not read this tale.

A Soldier's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep, And hope my dreams are thoughtful and deep. I pray that tonight I’m not awaken, By bombs exploding and the ground shakin’. I hope that I can get some peaceful rest, And wish that the next day will be blessed. All I want is to sleep through the night, So that tomorrow I’m ready for another fight. I pray my dreams are of my family, As I make sacrifices to keep them free. May you watch over and keep them safe, As they wait for me and remain brave.

Walk A Mile

For centuries They have been in the fight, Serving our country and doing what's right. They have worked so hard to pay their dues, I'm honored to walk a mile in their shoes. They will answer the call when we need, Filling their ranks is such a rare breed. They won't give up or know how to lose, I'm honored to walk a mile in their shoes.

Heart Of A Soldier

As the sun burns down it bakes my skin, I can feel my patience beginning to wear thin. Walking endless miles in this scorching heat, And I can feel the sand burning my feet. On my back I carry this unbearable load, As I walk along this seemingly endless road. The weight is so much that I can barely stand, To get up off my knee I need a helping hand.

Better Listen

A message from our fallen.

I Am America and I Remember

America is a country that remembers her children who give their all.

Sad Marine

A poem for marines

WWII Memories

Poem about my memories of WWII.

The Cemetery Glade

A tribute to our fall now resting in military cemeteries.

Owed to the Life of the Soldier

I chose to work for a defense contractor and build F4 aircraft rather than going to Nam. Yes it was important, BUT -

Remembering the defenders of liberty- America's Armed Forces

left on my doorstep at christmas... also came with a card and a thank you letter.

Brother and Sister

This poem is my inner reflection towards the tragedy that occurred the day the World Trade Centers fell.

remembering the defenders of liberty- america's armed forces

The true value of a life..Is measured not In possessions aquired, But, in hands helped Minds taught And hearts that you've inspired. A Hero Is not measured In medals or parades, But, in quiet courage Selfless deeds And sacrifices made. In acts of kindness Great and small Which cannot be repaid. In broken hearts Made whole again. In lives that you have saved. You stand for what is right and true Giving all that you can give, To help protect our nation, And this world In which we live.( more>)

Honor Guard

Thru rain or sleet or heat or snow, the American Legion Honor Guard will go.

"You're Our Soldiers"

I wrote this tribute to our fallen soldiers last spring after visiting the grave of a young fallen soldier who was recently killed in combat.


Several years ago while visiting the grave of a friend at Arlington I was struck by the silence and beauty of the surroundings, these words came to me:

The Last Mission

This poem is dedicated to the US Army Air Corps of World War II, in commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day, 2011


Can’t tell where we move to, Can’t mention the date, Can’t even remember the meals that we ate. Don’t know what our plan is, Don’t where will land, Couldn’t inform you if met by band.


Life’s Treasures! These are the things that…friends..and the simple things that God provides for us each day…(Published The Wishing Well..Treasures Edition..Eber Wein)

The Road of Life

I woke up about 4:30 in the morning and started to think about my life and how good God has been and my family through the years "The Road of Life" is for everyone to travel his own way.

"17 ' Vietnam"

Dedicated to childhood friends: PFC Johnny Mailloux, USMC, casualty of war on 24 Nov 68, found on panel 38 on the west wall, line #50. CPL Billy Flint, US Army, casualty of war on 01 Sept 68, found on panel 45 on the west wall, line #18. Denny Gray, dying later from problems stemming from the war. We grew up in the projects of East Lynn, MA, the po side of town.

In Love With An Airborne Ranger

He was always gone in the middle of the night. Always the first one in the middle of a fight. Don't remember that fairytale, had all those lonely nights. Always so proud of your man, leading the wayevery chance he can. Mother tried to warn you, but you fell in love with an Airborne Ranger

The Veteran

It’s the veteran, who, after birthing the nation with Washington in the Revolution, took his family past the Appalachians to the Mississippi.

I was Born out of Freedom and I Stand for All

A Salute to the American Flag: I was Born out of Freedom and I Stand for All

It was you and I

I wrote this as a song, but it works as a poem also. It was written a few years after I came back from Viet Nam when it seemed that all Nam vet were not all that well received, in fact, some thought we were all just crazy. At any rate, this is how I remember the media dealing with us.

Morning Glory

I love the United States of American and especially our flag and what it stands for!

My America

I wrote this poem in March 2008 to honor all Veterans, especially those from WWII. The hallowed ground spoken of was visited during the year 1963 and later. These words are, quite simply, my feelings regarding my country and those who have served, and who continue to serve her.

The Gurney Race by Leonard Raines

This poem honors my fellow patients who struggled with me, in grim good humor, to recover at The Philadelphia Naval Hospital in 1968-69. The events are a true representation of the facts I witnessed.

Given All

All gave some, some gave all!


World War II Veterans fought for the right reasons

I have fought

"I have seen a thousand battles, and fought in a hundred wars"

With A Tear In Your Eye

I wrote this poem to honor Sgt. Bryan Anderson who lost both legs and one arm in Iraq. He is from Rolling Meadows, Il. and a true patriot. I was inspired to write "With A Tear In Your Eye" when Bryan was in Walter Reed Hospital recovering from his injuries. His mother asked all who visited, "Not to cry".

Saluting Liberty

For Evil slithers unprovoked, its memoirs masquerading in endless graves of tyranny, its victims promenanding Before the Throne of Justice like a thundering waterfall, while here—a bugler wails his taps in mournful protocol.

"It's Written In The Earth"

It’s written in the earth, That sunshine follows rain. It’s written in the earth, That sorrow comes again, That wars will ever roam. It’s written in the earth, While far away from home.

"A Soldiers Mom"

I pray for your peace of mind,
Your steady aim,
For your intuition and senses to be keen.
I pray you find happiness in your heart
And kindness when you are far from home.