Here’s what you need to know about the new 100 Miles for Hope
Department of California Legion members Jeff Daly and Jennifer Campbell promote the third annual American Legion 100 Miles for Hope.

Here’s what you need to know about the new 100 Miles for Hope

The American Legion 100 Miles for Hope, now in its third year, takes place through Sept. 5 (Labor Day) in 2022. Proceeds from registrations and donations go directly to supporting disabled veterans and military families through The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation (V&CF).

Here are some questions and answers about this year’s challenge:

Q: What’s new this year?

A: Just like in the inaugural challenge during 2020, this year participants register for $30 and receive a T-shirt and a finisher’s certificate for downloading upon completion of their miles. There also is the option to decline the T-shirt.

Please note: We are not using the Kilter app this year.

However, participants will be able to track their miles on their own page on There are two options for tracking miles. To learn how to track your miles, there are resources including a how-to guide and video available on this page.

Additionally, there is a friendly web page for raising donations to support the foundation. There also are monthly fundraising challenges and incentives. To learn more and get started, there are resources including a how-to guide and video available on this page.

Q: Awesome, I want to participate! How do I get started?

A: To register, please visit the Emblem Sales web page.

Q: What activities count toward miles?

A: There are dozens of activities to choose from such as walking, cycling, rucking, running, skiing, riding a motorcycle, canoeing, using a stand-up paddleboard and more. If you can’t find your activity, you can simply choose “other” and log your miles.

Visit this web page for details on both options for tracking miles.

Q: How does the fundraising part work?

A: We have developed a solution to easily encourage family members, friends and others to support your 100 Miles for Hope with a donation on your behalf. You can use the templated information to make the “ask” via text, email and/or social media. You are also able to set a goal that your supporters can help you achieve. 

Click here to learn more about the fundraising platform, review how-to instructions and watch a video demonstration.

You can make a donation at this web page. 

Q: I heard there are incentives for raising donations. What are they?

A: There are two types of incentives for participants.

First, there are special monthly incentives to reward the top fundraiser each month of the campaign, starting in March and concluding in August (which will be combined with early September). For the monthly incentives, the fundraising system automatically tabulates donations and headquarters staff will review those to award the monthly incentives. They will also review and confirm when different tier levels are reached.  

Secondly, there are three different tier levels for individuals (including American Legion Riders) to pursue. Once a participant has passed a tier level, their reward will be processed. Here are the tier levels:

Tier 1: $100 in donations
Reward: downloadable certificate from national commander 

Tier 2: $250 in donations
Reward: coin from national commander 

Tier 3: $500 in donations
Reward: plaque from national commander 

Electronic donations are the easiest way to contribute to the Veterans & Children Foundation via 100 Miles for Hope. There also is an alternative for those wishing to send in a check. When it comes to the monthly incentives, please note that those funds will be counted in the month in which they are received at National Headquarters.

Checks should be made payable to “American Legion Charities, Note: 100 Miles for Hope.” 

Mail to: 
American Legion Charities
100 Miles for Hope
P.O. Box 361210
Indianapolis, IN 46236-1210 

Q: Where does the money go?

A: Just like previous 100 Miles for Hope challenges, all proceeds will go to The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation. 

The foundation provides critical support for disabled veterans, and military and veteran parents in unexpected financial crises. Funds raised during the 100 Miles for Hope campaign go directly to the V&CF. Those donations are used in two ways:

Providing training, education and resources to support 3,000 accredited American Legion service officers. These service officers work tirelessly to help disabled veterans navigate the complicated VA system so that they can obtain the care and benefits they’ve earned through their service. This is a free service and open to all veterans.

Dispatching aid to military families with minor children at home who are facing financial struggles through no fault of their own. Eligible families receive Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) grants that help cover their utility bills, rent payments, groceries and other needs.  

Q: Will there be a special department challenge like there was last year? 

A: Yes! And this year we have expanded it for the full length of the 100 Miles for Hope main challenge, all the way through Labor Day. 

Just like last year, we are offering department vs. department challenges, divided up into categories by size. The department in each category that raises the most money will receive a plaque from the national commander. To ensure that your fundraising gets credited to your department, be sure to join its team. There are two ways to join a team. First go to the Mobile Cause website, then:

1.     When you create your personal fundraising page, you can select the team page of your choice and make a donation.

2.     Become a fundraiser and select a team when signing up. To join a team after initial set-up, log back into your page and select edit, then click Join a Team.

To see how the departments are divided up into categories visit this page.

Q: Last year there was a special challenge for American Legion Riders. Is that happening this year? 

A: Yes! And this year we have expanded it for the full length of the 100 Miles for Hope main challenge, all the way through Labor Day. This gives Riders, individuals and chapters more flexibility in getting their miles in and raising donations, instead of the one-month challenge during the second year of 100 Miles for Hope. 

American Legion Riders and chapters can also earn rewards throughout the challenge for their fundraising accomplishments. To see the details and specific rewards for American Legion Riders chapters, visit this page.