We've made it quick and easy for you to track your progress during the 100 Miles for Hope challenge. The link above will take you to the activity tracker page, where you can either sync a device such as an Apple watch or FitBit using the Strava technology, or manually enter your activities. To set up your Activity Tracker page, watch the video tutorial or follow the step-by-step instructions below. 

Sync your device with Strava

You can use Strava by visiting on the web and creating an account, or downloading the app.

Both options allow you to connect most mileage tracking devices such as Apple watch, FitBit, Garmin watch, Samsung devices, Peloton bikes and more.

Visit this page for a list of devices that will connect with Strava.

The app is free, but there is a subscription option for more features.
It is not necessary to purchase a Strava subscription for 100 Miles for Hope. 


If you don’t already have a Strava account, visit or
download the mobile app to get started.

Create a Strava account.

Once you have a Strava account, sync it to the 100 Miles for Hope Activity Tracker site:

1.     Sign in to, then go to the 100 Miles for Hope Activity Tracker site.

2.     Click on the sign in to Strava button, and enter your Strava account username and password when prompted.

3.     Once authenticated, click on “Sync Strava Activities.” The date, category and mileage data recorded to Strava will appear on your tracker page.

4.     Each time you return to the 100 Miles for Hope Activity Tracker site, click on “Sync Strava Activities” to update your synced activities since your last visit.

Note: Strava offers a privacy feature for users who do not want their location to be public.
If this option is selected, your activities in privacy mode will not be able to be synced, meaning they will not be automatically recorded for 100 Miles for Hope. Those wishing to keep their activities private can enter their miles manually.

For any questions about using Strava, please contact Strava customer service.  

Manually enter activities

Participants who wish to track miles without Strava can manually record them on the 100 Miles for Hope Activity Tracker site. 

1.     Sign in to, then go to the 100 Miles for Hope Activity Tracker site.

2.     Click on “Add Activity.”

3.     Choose the appropriate date, category and enter your number of miles. 

4.     Click “Submit,” to save the entry.