The LEGION Act, signed into law July 30, 2019, expands eligibility in The American Legion to include veterans who served in U.S. military conflicts previously unrecognized by Congress as war eras. Many brochures, documents, manuals and other informational materials are now being updated by National Headquarters. In order to easily find those updated materials, they are provided on this platform. New mailings of membership media will also reflect the expanded eligibility.

Importantly, the old “Why You Should Belong” and “Join The American Legion Family” brochures need to be replaced with the new documents, along with more to come.

Updated Publications

The American Legion Membership Application

Join The American Legion Family

Why You Should Belong

This Is The American Legion

2019 Officer's Guide

2019 Post Adjutant's Manual

District Commander's Guide

Outline of Authorization

National Constitution and By-laws

Sons of the American Legion Brochure

Sons of the American Legion Youth Handbook

SAL New Squadron Brochure

SAL Squadron Handbook