Legion Baseball revises pitch count chart to allow for closers
Photo by Lucas Carter/The American Legion

Legion Baseball revises pitch count chart to allow for closers

American Legion Baseball has revised its pitch count chart for 2017 to allow for specialists such as closers to pitch on consecutive days, providing the pitcher complies with the appropriate rest and appearance rules.

Gary Stone, Legion Baseball Committee chairman, made the announcement today.

“After much discussion with department chairmen, coaches, national staff and the Baseball Committee, we believe it’s in the best interest of the baseball program to replace the pitch count chart published in the 2017 National Rule Book,” Stone said. “We will follow the revised pitch count chart as published by USA Baseball. Therefore, the pitch count chart (located here) will replace the chart published in the 2017 ALB National Rule Book.”

Pursuant to the 2017 American Legion Baseball National Rule Book, Rule 1.R., Page 16, an American Legion Baseball player may not enter a game as a pitcher unless having fulfilled the required rest days as mandated in the pitch chart.

The remainder of Rule 1.R. remains unchanged, including no player may make more than two appearances as a pitcher during any consecutive three-day period.

Additionally, the new intentional walk rule adopted by Major League Baseball Official Baseball Rule, which allows a manager to signal his decision to home plate instead of having the pitcher throw four pitches outside of the strike zone will also apply to American Legion Baseball games.