10 team round robin tournament, sponsored by Post #35

Teams must be 17 and under and register by March 1

$450 Entry Fee

Vallivue High School
Caldwell, ID

June 5 - June 8

2014 JAYDEN DeLUCA MEMORIAL WOOD BAT TOURNAMENT The Jayden DeLuca Memorial will be held June 5,6, 7, and 8. This tournament is a six-ten team two-division tournament. Round-robin format will determine the seeding for the final day. Trophies will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. Championship t-shirts will also be awarded for the tournament champions. Entry fee $450 (includes baseballs and Vallivue American Legion supplies composite bats). $100 deposit needs to be in by March 1, 2013. TOURNAMENT RULES 1. All games will be 7 innings long or 2 hours 15 min. 2. All rules governed by the official American Legion rules published by the Sporting News. 3. Only wood or composite bats will be used. 4. Each site will be given 4 composite bats (property of Vallivue American Legion Baseball) at the start of the day and these bats need to be returned to the tournament director. 5. 10 Run rule is in effect for all games. 6. Speed up rule will apply to the pitcher/catcher only. 7. Infield-Outfield for the first game of the tournament only. 8. Batting practice will be allowed in the hitting tunnels only. 9. Any bat that becomes broke shall no longer be used in the game. 10. If a coach or player gets ejected it will be for the rest of the day (including DH’s) 11. 12 innings per pitcher for the entire tournament. If a pitcher goes over his innings the player and or coach will be ejected. A run rule game will not be counted as a full seven innings against the pitcher. An appearance (pitch) shall be counted as a full inning. 12. Team that is listed first is the home team. All rosters must be turned into the official scorekeeper 30 min. prior to game time. Start time will be determined by the umpire in charge and noted in the book. Pitching changes will be noted including innings pitched in the official notebook. The official score book will also be used for press releases. 13. Vallivue will always accompany the third base dugout. 14. No time limit on the Sunday championship games. TIE-BREAKERS 1. Head to head competition 2. Runs allowed 3. Runs scored 4. Coin flip A tournament bulletin board will be provided with an update of game win-loss records. If you have any questions about the seeding for Sunday games contact Coach Schneidt @208- 989-7807. Seeding cannot be determined until after the last game ends on Saturday. Coaches this is your responsibility to call or check the Sunday championship seeding game times. Please make checks payable to Vallivue American Legion Baseball and mail to: Vallivue Baseball Inc. P.O. Box 1607 Caldwell, ID 83606 208-989-7807 justin.schneidt@vallivue.org

For more information, contact:

Justin Schneidt
(208) 989-7807