20 team pool play tournament, sponsored by Yankton Baseball Association

Teams must be 19 and under and register by March 1

$600.00 Entry Fee

Bob Tereshinski Stadium
Yankton, SD

June 7 - June 9

https://tourneymachine.com/Register/h20210909143627443b7e366b84a4d4a/h20230919174935369c717d27fd02c44 TOURNAMENT INFORMATION Please complete your online registration early. Registrations will not be accepted without payment made in full during the online registration process. The Yankton Baseball Association offers tournaments with a state of the art turf field, two umpires per game, and guarantees three games (weather permitted). A trophy will be presented to the champion. This tournament is a 3-Day Tournament. A gate fee will be charged for all adults 19 years of age and older. Yankton will be home team for all of their games. All other games will have a coin flip to determine home team. Tie Breaker for Pool Play: Head-to-Head Record Fewest Run Allowed Most Run Scored Run Differential Coin Flip Tourney Rules *Umpire’s decision is final. There will not be any appeals beyond the umpires. *Any coach or player ejected is ineligible for the following game! *Run rules-12 after 4; 8 after 5 *D.H. for pitcher only *Courtesy runner for pitchers and catchers. *Re-entry for starters (one re-entry) *Ten-minute infield for each team’s first game of the day.

For more information, contact:

Drew Lawrence
(605) 202-0636