Legion Brand Mark

Since 1919, The American Legion has been represented by its emblem. As we look to the next era of The American Legion, the time has come for a new brand mark to be used in marketing, communications and promotional materials.

The new brand mark does not replace the emblem. Instead, both the emblem and the brand mark are to be used in specific applications that will better serve The American Legion going forward. On this page, guidance is provided on the manner and types of applications that will apply to both the emblem and The American Legion brand mark.

Purpose of the Brand Mark

The American Legion brand mark was created to address the need to modernize The American Legion brand to appeal to the next generation of veterans. Moreover, the new brand mark takes into consideration a host of applications that the original emblem could never have anticipated. Those include digital and social media, special event and sports marketing, lifestyle apparel and more.


Brand Mark versus Emblem

Going forward, the brand mark is to be used in all marketing communications applications, while the emblem should be reserved for official documents and communications.

In application

The following guidelines offer direction in terms of when to use the emblem or one of the brand marks. While most applications will be clearly defined, inevitably some instances may straddle the line between two areas. In those cases, use discretion based on the intended audience. When choosing a brand mark option, default to what is most visually pleasing in that application. For example, the word mark should almost always be used in embroidery.


Legion Brand Legion Emblem


Lifestyle apparel
(such as polo shirts and ball caps)
Policy statements
Community service activities Official reports
Fundraising Press releases
Sponsorships Business cards
Membership recruitment materials Post signage
Digital media Financial documents
Social media Official letterhead
Event announcements  
E-mail signature lines  

Color Palette

Legion Blue

Blue Swatch


C:100   M:84   Y:31   K:17

R:0   G:56   B:112

HEX # 1B3D6D

Legion Red

Red Swatch


C:12   M:100   Y:91   K:0

R:215   G:33   B:49

HEX # D72131


Usage Permission

Like the emblem, the brand mark is legally protected property of The American Legion. Any use outside of the organization – such as merchandising, marketing by groups unaffiliated with The American Legion or at political events – is legally restricted and requires authorization.

The same rules of permission to use the official emblem apply to the brand mark. Those rules, along with an online application form, can be found here.

Download the Branding Guidelines

Click here to download the full American Legion Branding Guidelines.


Download the Brand Mark

Click here to download the American Legion Brand Mark.


Download the Emblem

Click here to download the American Legion Emblem.


Sub-branding Guidelines

The use of a sub-brand treatment is vital to ensure the strength of The American Legion brand. The guidelines linked below reveal the thought process behind the sub-brand treatment and demonstrate how it should be implemented.

Any use of a sub-branding treatment outside of or conflicting with the contents of this guide will be considered unauthorized.

Click here to download The American Legion Sub-branding Guidelines.



For any additional brand-related questions, please contact the American Legion Marketing Division at: