Buddy Checks to Help with Well-Being

This version of The American Legion Buddy Check toolkit emphasizes the importance of recognizing mental health and well-being concerns among veterans. Organizational guidance, agency support resources and draft scripts are provided for Buddy Check teams.

Buddy Check Well-Being Toolkit (PDF)


How to Perform a Buddy Check During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Provides guidance and scripts for American Legion Buddy Check teams to use when calling on veterans who may need help specific to the pandemic, such as food, medicine or just a friendly voice on the line to help them get through the isolation.

Buddy Check: Coronavirus Pandemic Assistance (PDF)


Original Event Toolkit

Provides guidance about how to form a Buddy Check team, use myLegion.org to gather contacts of members and former members and offers scripts to ask veterans how The American Legion can help them.

Buddy Check Event Toolkit (PDF)


How to get organized and use myLegion.org

The national membership database housed on myLegion.org provides contact information, indexed by Zip Code, that can be used to conduct Buddy Checks. Steps about how to organize team and use myLegion.org to find and contact veterans can be found here:

How to organize a buddy check


Lessons Learned

Watch a video about what a Maryland Legionnaire learned about Buddy Checks in the program's first year.

Buddy Check Video


FAQs About The American Legion

A succinct statement of basic answers to frequently asked questions about The American Legion also provides space for Buddy Check teams to modify with department and local programs and services.

Download FAQs Worksheet (PDF)