November, 2013

National Legion College

Nov 1, 2013

Oct. 26-Nov.1, in Indianapolis.

Election Day

Nov 5, 2013

The Legion's "Get Out the Vote" program encourages Americans to register and vote in all elections.

World War I armistice (1918)

Nov 11, 2013

at 11 a.m., the armistice signed by the Allies and Germany, that ended World War I, took effect. Click here ( for more information.

Veterans Day

Nov 11, 2013

65% membership target date

Nov 14, 2013

For more information, contact Matt Herndon, Deputy Director, Membership.
(317) 630-1406

American Education Week

Nov 17, 2013

Nov. 17-23. A cooperative effort between the Legion and the National Education Association, drawing attention to the importance of education while recognizing teachers and students who perform above the norm.


Nov 28, 2013


Nov 28, 2013


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