The Veterans Employment & Education Division is responsible for ensuring that U.S. veterans have the opportunity to provide, with honor and dignity, the economic necessities of life for themselves and their families. Contact us for guidance, technical assistance and troubleshooting, because we are experts in programs involving veterans education, small business, employment, veterans preference, VA home loans, homeless veterans, training, licensing and certification, transition, USERRA, and other issues related to economics.

We can assist veterans in obtaining employment through our 170 veteran-targeted job fairs around the country with, our two online partnerships with Avue and Monster, and provide information, guidance and, when appropriate, referrals for employment. Our Small Business Task Force can provide you tools to assist you in obtaining loans, technical assistance and other guidance. To end homelessness and prevent homelessness among veterans, we coordinate a Homeless Veterans Task Force to augment veteran service providers and fill in the gaps where no programs exist to assist veterans.

Through our awards program, The American Legion pays tribute to those employers across the country who have established outstanding records in the employment and retention of veterans, workers with disabilities and older workers, and to outstanding members of the state employment security agencies. Furthermore, we coordinate programs with directors and chief operators within federal agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Labor, the Department of Education, the Department of Defense, the Office of Personnel Management, the Government Services Administration and the Government Accountability Office. Finally, we regularly testify to Congress on veteran-focused programs and meet with congressional staff members.