Personal insight into resolution writing  
Sarah Tobin of Colorado during the 2023 National American Legion College at American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis on Thursday, November 16. Photo by Hilary Ott /The American Legion

Personal insight into resolution writing  

Sarah Tobin of Colorado is a 2023 National American Legion College (NALC) graduate. She attended the 2023 NALC session Nov. 12-14 in Indianapolis at American Legion National Headquarters.

While everyone selected to attend National American Legion College should feel very lucky to have been chosen, I felt especially blessed since I am from the state of Colorado.

I was so excited to write my first resolution as part of my pre-arrival homework, that I wrote three. I found the development process quite appealing to me.  I started with defining the problem I was trying to rectify, which would later become my resolve clause. Then, thoroughly searched through the Legion Digital Archives to ensure the issue has not previously been addressed. Finally, I poured through the source documents from the agency I was compelling to take corrective action to find corroborating statistics and research to build out my whereas clauses.

Within my (assigned) district (at NALC), I volunteered to be the resolution chair so that I could learn as much as possible about this newly discovered passion of mine. Although my resolution wasn’t chosen to represent my district, I thoroughly enjoyed researching and debunking our sister district’s resolution and defending our own with lock tight provenance. Much to our chagrin, our resolution to “Commend the Reverend George L. Fox Memorial Chapel” was defeated by the Student Executive Committee. On the upside, the Departments of France and Vermont both agreed to sponsor the resolution, and I expect that it will pass before summer.

I plan to work with the Department of Oklahoma to elevate my resolution on expanding research and treatment plans for veterans with multiple unexplained symptoms. Isn’t it amazing what you can do if you don’t care if you get credit for it?  There are so many amazing Legionnaires out there willing to assist you when you are unable to do it yourself.

I loved listening to how each department is just a bit different in their construct. My classmates have some brilliant marketing and fundraising ideas which need to be codified and widely disseminated. I came in as a very enthusiastic sponge and left full of great ideas on how I can assist my department to rebuild over the next few years.

To be perfectly honest, I could have stayed another week, soaking up even more knowledge about the broader construct of the Legion outside of the elected positions, and more importantly, getting to know more folks outside of my district and hearing what they have to share about their respective departments. I am proud to say I leave the NALC Class of 2023 a better Legionnaire, but no better than anyone else.

Sarah “Smash” Barry Tobin

Commander, District 7